I Like Cats More Than People

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In this weeks edition of ‘In an Alternate Universe There’s A Happy Version of Me Somewhere,’ we have a fantastic entry by one of our followers named ‘Stones Throw.’ It was an entry in one of our contests and it’s all about that old phrase ‘I Like Cats More Than People.’ 

The piece of art sent in was titled ‘Planet Cat, ‘ and the note that was sent by Stones Throw stated the following “My alternate universe is a place where cats have evolved with more intelligence than most human beings as they’ve always understood me more on earth too. And we’re feeding each other sushi because my cat Sherri and I both love sushi. And I love Sherri.”

We thought this one was quite interesting, not just because of the drawing that you can see below, but because of the reasons why people love animals more than people. So we decided to compose a list of reasons and this is what we came up with.

1. A pet will never tell a secret you tell them.

2. You can always tell your pet that you love them and it doesn’t matter if they say it back or not.

3. A pet never disappoints you.

4. You’re more relaxed around new pets at a party than new people at a party.

5. Human babies look like aliens while baby pets are the most adorable things in the world.

6. Pets are more comforting to be around when you’re sad.

7. Pets aren’t judgemental, and if they do judge you for some odd reason, they’re quick to forget what the commotion was about.

8. Pets don’t care how you look.

So that’s our list, and if somehow this whole article inspired you to become a new parent to a pet, please do adopt one from your local humane society.

And now without further adieu, we want to thank ‘Stones Throw,’ one more time for this weeks drawing of ‘Planet Cat.’ Enjoy!

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