Friendship and Boundaries

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This week’s Reframe of Reference by Cora S, is a story about friends and boundaries. Cora believes in her mind that her friends are ignoring her, but in reality, everyone is different and has their own set of priorities.

When you’re young, most have more of a social priority, but in this is case, the priority was cultivating interests and work. It’s a story of recognizing other people and their needs and not just your own. Especially when you’re a teenager, and you think the world most likely revolves around you.

We want to thank Cora S. for sharing her story. For those that are struggling with setting your own boundaries or you’re the someone who isn’t realizing that you’re doing the knocking, we hope what you read gives you a different perspective to learn from.

If you just changed your angle on things, you never know what can change for the better. You and your friends most likely will grow closer when there’s a mutual understanding and respect of one’s needs. If you want to explore some of your own stories and maybe even be part our Massive Phobia Community, please follow this link to learn all about how here🙂 

Old Story

I always feel as if all my friends hate me because none of them ever want to hang out with me, or text me, or show the slightest hint of caring about me unless it conveniences them at the time. I spend a significant amount of my time alone, left with my own awful thoughts about what others think about me. It hurts a lot to know that even the people who say they care about me don’t because that means that everyone else sure doesn’t care.

New Story 

I have a lot of free time on my hands to think about things, usually resulting in an art project, a piece of original writing, reading a new book, or memorizing lyrics to songs from musicals. This free time gives me the opportunity to really take a seat and think about my life and the things I could potentially become after I graduate from school. Taking long walks has started to calm my mind and being able to see the sunset is an added bonus when it comes to leading a life full of inner-mind adventure and creativity. I can see that my friends have their own hobbies/goals they are pursuing to get ahead in life, and that’s been an influence on me to do the same thing. I know they love me still.

Little Known Fact

One of the founders of this website, Edward Ernest was once the worst boundary setter the world has ever seen. He was the biggest pushover and in some ways still is a big pushover, but he’s become way stronger than ever before.

He has two steps forward and one step back and he’s slowly but surely become better at setting healthy boundaries. Sometimes he’ll have a bad day at keeping them, but he comes back strong and always seems to try and reinforce the line someone might have stepped over. It’s an ongoing process, and everyone here at Massive Phobia can see his progress in Spades.

If you’re a jerk and try and step over them on purpose, you will have this whole rag tag crew of misfits here all over your case. So be nice if you ever email him. He’s still a little sensitive to these things.

If you are battling mental health issues and feel that you need to talk, the people at BETTER HELP are trained therapists that are here to listen if you need someone’s ear. So don’t hesitate if you need to talk right now. CLICK HERE.

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