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This week’s Reframe of Reference by Stephanie K, is a story of the loss of a parent at a very young age and the void that’s left inside you It’s a story of abandonment and shutting yourself off from society. However, it’s also a story of recognizing how this event made her the beautiful person she is today. We want to thank Stephanie K.. for sharing her story, and for those still struggling with the loss of a parent in your childhood, we hope what you read gives you a different perspective to learn from. If you just changed your angle on things, you never know what can change for the better.

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Old Story

My mother died when I was 6 years old, when the bus she was on was hit by a train. It left me feeling scared and alone. I wish I hadn’t ever met her so I wouldn’t know the pain of knowing. My dad did his best but part of him died that day as well. We lived together as strangers as I made sure the house was in order. The oven off, the fire place extinguished, the door locked. I went to school and came home mostly as I never explored a world outside my bedroom. I was terrified about what could happen to me by accident if I went too far out there.

New Story 

After my mom died, my dad’s heart seemed to be broken forever so took up as many household duties to try and put a smile on his face as much as possible. This led to me being quite an achiever and a people pleaser. Even though I didn’t go to parties or amusement parks due to my fears, I was still liked at school for going out of my way to help people. The friends I did have were and are still like my family. The books I read inside my room helped spark my imagination and even though my imagination stops me from doing many things, it helped me think outside of the box and now being outside of the box, I can now see that my mother never left me, and that I’m not alone, and that her with by my side, I can one day conquer all my fears with her, together.

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