Denise’s Addiction Recovery Journey

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We created this public service announcement for drug addiction and thought it was quite effective. However, some people that work here believed it to be offensive. The argument was like a Seinfeld episode, the one about only dentists being allowed to make dentist jokes? Anyway, if a former drug addict created this, can it be offensive?

We just don’t know. Thus, we created a new category of art. Rejected Public Service Announcements and this is the first one.

Now back to the serious topic of drug addiction. I was an addict. I won the fight, but you’re still always an addict. The weird thing is, I never thought I’d be a drug user.

When I was 11 years old, a friend of my 13-year-old brother died, when he took LSD and attempted to go swimming in Lake Ontario. His name was Benji Hayward, and even though I don’t remember his face anymore, his death has always impacted me. After trying to kick drugs for good but still couldn’t shake it, I went to visit my grandmother’s grave to have lunch and a sweet talk. As I ate, the wind picked up and blew my napkin away, right in front of Benji Hayward’s gravestone.

It was a sign.

I had gotten away with being an addict for a long time, but you never know when your time is up. I had abused my body for far too long, and it was time to change. And that was that.

I hope you’re not offended by the rejected public service announcement below, and hopefully, you have a giggle too.


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