Getting A Clean Slate

Posted by Edward Ernest | Dec 26, 2017 | Art, Community Collaboration, Depression, Roller Coaster Moods Trapped In Cartoons | 0 |

With the new year coming upon us in the coming week, for many, it’s time to throw out 2017 as if it never existed and to claim 2018 the year of you.

The whole world seemed to be in a state of chaos in 2017, and everyone we know seems to be affected by that chaos. Some of us were silently battling things, and others were letting us know. But in the end, we’re all still here and looking for a clean slate of sorts.

This weeks contribution to Roller Coaster Moods Trapped In Cartoons, Felicity Tse has given us her timely piece of art called ‘Clean Slate.’

Felicity described it as “Taking a breather, tending to personal growth/mindfulness or clearing your head and taking the opportunity of the new year to start fresh.”

We hope that for all you mental health warriors out there are inspired by Felicity’s work and do your best to start your 2018 with a clean slate as well.

We hope you enjoy Felicity Tse’s drawing as much as we did and if you want to contribute to our site in the future, please email us at

Clean Slate by Felicity Tse

If you or a loved one you know is showing signs of a Mental Health Disorder, whether it be Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar, Scizophrenia, Addiction, Body Dysmorphia etc., or maybe you just need someone to talk to, please do get the help you need. If you feel like you need to talk to someone right now, you can talk to one of the many fantastic therapists at Better Help by CLICKING HERE.

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