Before Vs. After People Know I Have Bipolar Disorder

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The artist, Janine Dillera, of the below piece, Before Vs. After People Know I Have Bipolar, discusses how mania can sometimes be written off as something funny that doesn’t require attention by others until it’s known as a problem.

For those unfamiliar with some telltale sign of mania, here are a few:

Fast Talking

The first sign might be super-fast speech, so quick that anyone listening can’t get a word in edgewise.

Inflated Ego

When someone is manic, they may say things that greatly exaggerate their abilities and sense of self-esteem.

Sleep Falls Apart

Mania can make someone cut way down on sleep or not get any. They feel like they don’t need it.

Does this sound like you or anyone in your life? If so, we suggest you find help if your bipolar is untreated and if you’re a loved one, do your best to encourage your friend or family to get the help they need.

The below drawing by Janine Dillera encapsulates everything in one beautifully drawn picture. You can find her on Instagram at @inky.nebula

Before Vs. After People Know I Have BipolarBefore Vs. After People Know I Have Bipolar

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