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When Janine Dillera sends us her weekly cartoon on Bipolar Disorder, she usually attaches her artist statement or explanation of what her brilliant mind is thinking. However, this week, she didn’t. She explained to us that her drawing below was the conversation that helped her discover the name of her column ‘Roller Coaster Moods Trapped In Cartoons.’

So that got us thinking, as Janine always keeps us on our toes and it’s why we love her work so much. What is this website that you’re currently at? What’s this blog or any other blog on this website about?

The answer to that question is that we’re a conversation starter. We present mental health and life issues in a very quirky way, and it’s in our hopes that we start a conversation with you, or a conversation that you can have with yourself, or with someone you love about what’s going on inside you.

We hope that this conversation becomes a jumping point for mobilization, and with mobilization, anything can happen. It’s in that anything, the unknown which gets us excited. However, it all starts with a conversation.

Below is the super awesome cartoon by Janine Dillera and the conversation she had about her moods that started this all. You can also see her lovely work on Instagram @inky.nebula

Conversation Starter by Janine Dillera

Conversation Starter by Janine Dillera

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