I’m Not Less Of A Person For Taking Medication

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Some people in our office take medications, and some do not. We here at Massivephobia.com are two things, awareness advocates but we’re also a business. A tiny business at the moment as we’re just starting out. When we mentioned to people, that our plan was to have advertisers from the pharmaceutical industry as part of our revenue stream, it was met by some with horror.

Of the people that gave us that old up and down look like we were evil human beings that shouldn’t be in this business if we were going to use pharmaceutical advertising, none of them actually had mental issues that they admitted to, and none of them took pharmaceutical drugs for any ailment at all.

Its opinions, thoughts, and looks that give anyone that takes medications an inferiority complex as these beliefs drive home a huge stigma. That stigma being, that if you need/take medications, like Janine’s art states, you’re less of a person, and to us, that’s horror.

We did our best to point out to them that they do not battle mental illness and they have no idea what the struggle is like at all. I agree with them, yes, it would be nice if everyone could tackle their issues naturally but that’s just not possible. This medication is needed, and you would feel differently if you could actually feel what it’s like to be one way, and then the difference medications make in the other positive direction.

Somewhere along the line, Pharmaceutical companies got a bad reputation, and for some things, it’s justified. However, in the case of mental illness, this bad reputation has led to a stigma that creates shame and other feelings of inferiority to those that need medications to live a healthier life.

To those that are reading this, and are anti-meds, please do think about this more and try to walk in other people’s shoes. Talk to someone that has Bipolar or OCD, and ask them how difficult things get and about the feelings that they have about themselves, and we think you’ll begin to understand why the stigma of taking medications needs to be erased from our thought process.

We hope you enjoy the lovely sketch drawing by Janine Dillera below, and if any of this resonates with you, we’re offering you big hugs today. You can also find Janine on Instagram @inky.nebula. Enjoy.

Taking Medication
I’m Not Less of a Person For Taking Medication by Janine Dillera

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