Let’s Talk About Bipolar Disorder

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If we want to rid society about the Stigma of Bipolar Disorder, then the first thing we must do is talk about Bipolar Disorder. Raising awareness is the opposite of Chuck Palahniuk’s book ‘Fight Club’ which later became a movie starring Brad Pitt and Ed Norton. The first rule of Bipolar Club, tell everyone about Bipolar Club.

What’s the first step in raising Bipolar Disorder Awareness? You may be around the water cooler at work, or you may be at a party, or at a yoga class, the gym, and you could be surrounded by friends, loved ones or strangers too. If you hear anyone state something about Bipolar that just isn’t true, it’s up to you to step in and correct the information in a very thoughtful and non-threatening way. If you want to break the stigma, then it’s a very grassroots operation, and you must be willing to step up to the plate.

Another part of awareness is letting everyone know that you live with Bipolar Disorder. It’s a huge step that many of you are probably not comfortable with due to the backlash and stigma you might get from everyone involved in your life. It’s a scary step to take. Also, if you have a loved one who has Bipolar, ask them how you can team up to raise awareness.

Society, in general, has a preconceived notion about how people with bipolar are “supposed to be.” Often, this opinion, which they believe is fact, is created by fictional portrayals in pop culture.

If you are living with Bipolar, then you have an opportunity and may I dare say, a responsibility to provide a shining example to others by living openly so the rest of society can see a real view of the disorder and not the sensationalized version the get from all forms of media. We need to give the world a more balanced view.

If a different view can be presented respectfully, then we think people will be willing to reconsider their previous beliefs. The best example to show is that you’re living a full life and letting others see. It will go a long way in changing the narrative.

In the below art piece by Janine Dillera “Let’s Talk About Bipolar,” Janine just decided to address the fact that this mental illness, like any other mental illness, is still not talked about that much. When brought up, it can create discomfort rather than being a topic that people speak openly about. Janine thinks it’s important to raise awareness about it and to talk about it or people who suffer from bipolar will find it difficult to get the support they need.

We couldn’t agree more with this lovely comic that Janine created, and as always, if any of this sounds like you or a loved one, you have our support and hugs. If you need to reach out or have an idea that could help further this cause, please do email us at submit@massivephobia.com.


Let’s talk About Bipolar By Janine DilleraLet’s talk About Bipolar By Janine Dillera

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