People With Bipolar Can Kill

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Janine Dillera states about her ‘People With Bipolar Can Kill’ piece’, I was just thinking about the stigma that surrounds bipolar disorder. I decided to draw something about how people should worry about their lack of knowledge of bipolar rather than the disorder itself.”

The below drawing by Janine Dillera tells this story with her beautiful lines. We really gush of over her line drawing everyday. You can find her on Instagram at @inky.nebula

People With Bipolar Can Kill By Janine Dillera

People With Bipolar Can Kill By Janine Dillera

We searched around the internet and found a wonderful letter written to a radio show host about a football player struggling with Bipolar. We thought it was an excellent compliment to the point that Janine’s Art is tackling.

Hi Guys:

I love waking up with you every morning, and I know you’re a hate-free zone, so please give some love and support to Barret Robbins. He should not be blamed or ridiculed, he should be commended for getting treatment for and being open about his illness. Robbins will probably be fine if he receives the right treatment healthwise. I’m not sure about his relationship with his team or fans, and that’s too bad. If his appendix ruptured or his kidneys failed, he’d get nothing but love. This is the same thing, only it’s in another organ, his brain.

Here are some facts listeners might like to know.

  • Depression is one of the phases of bipolar disorder, the other is mania, which sort of feels like your mind is racing out of control and you can’t turn it off.
  • Most people coming into most psychiatric facilities with depression will be put on Suicide Watch for the first couple of days, to protect them and the hospital. It doesn’t necessarily mean the person has actually tried to kill himself.
  • The comment was made on your show yesterday, “There’s always someone who goes crazy and can’t handle it.” That was pretty callous. I was hospitalized 10 years ago for bipolar disorder, and it wasn’t because I couldn’t handle things my life was going fine and my brain malfunctioned. That’s what happens. Stress can be a factor, but it’s not the only cause. Today I am happy and healthy and trying to get people to understand the facts about these illnesses.

Please help eliminate the shame. Depression and bipolar disorder are very treatable but they can be very deadly if people don’t have the facts. A good resource for people who want to learn more is Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (headquartered in Chicago). Their phone number is (800) 826-3632.

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