You Don’t Need Meds!

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Here’s a very hot topic when it comes to Bipolar Disorder and Mental Illness in general. Should you or should you not take medications? Also, who are you ‘stranger person’ who thinks medications are the devil when you do not understand what it’s like to have a mental illness or what someone with mental issues goes through on a daily basis. Do you have a mental illness? No? Then why are you part of this debate then?

One of the things mental health warriors do not like to hear is the attempts to get you to run, drink more water, be healthier, or any other helpful piece of advice that someone wants to adorn on you.

While the running in fresh air is excellent, the healthy fruit sure does taste great too,  and if you’re on Lithium, you definitely need to be drinking more water. However, it’s not a cure. Stop trying to give somebody who has been brave enough to say yes to medication an alternative just because you may not agree with it.

Also, another thing that really gets our goat and I’m not sure what that term means but we’re using it anyways. It’s when somebody doesn’t think someone with a mental illness is strong enough and that say something like “It’s time you man up.”

UGGGGGGHHHHH! I get so mad just thinking about this type of person. Sounds a lot like the guy that sits across from me at work…….MIKE!

For some reason, these types of lovely folks seem to have the idea that taking medication makes you weak or inferior, and that by taking them you have given up on all other ways to be a happy or a ‘NORMAL’ person in society. But medication can, and is often the last resort – therefore we’ve already tried others ways to conform to the ‘man-up’ philosophy, but it just wasn’t going to work. If you’d like to be unsympathetic to people with mental illness , by giving them no empathy, than so be it, but if I hear you tell anyone to ‘man up’ and I’m in the nearby vicinity, I will have no issues tearing you down in public.

And if your response to that will be ‘Oh somebody didn’t take their meds today,’ then you should actually run for your life because I’ll be coming for you and I won’t stop, and they’ll be a legion of people behind me just waiting to get a piece of you……MIKE!

Whoa! That got a little dark and violent. Sorry about that. Don’t you love this website? We just get real and for the most part, don’t give two fucks.

Now onto the show. It’s why you’re all here. Janine Dillera has brilliantly depicted what we’ve been typing about in her new piece titled ‘You Don’t Need Meds.’ Below is her artist statement.

“A lot of people who haven’t experienced bipolar think medication is unnecessary. Although some can manage bipolar disorder without medication, it’s tough because bipolar disorder is a much more biological mental illness. People who haven’t suffered from it wouldn’t understand how it can’t always be controlled with willpower alone. The same goes for any other mental illness. Mental illness can be very unpredictable, and it’s important that people understand that in some cases medication is the only way to manage.”

You Don’t Needs Meds! By Janine Dillera

You Don’t Needs Meds! By Janine Dillera

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