Royal Newlyweds To Honeymoon In Canada, Enraging Brexit Enthusiasts

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Hey there, Canada! Guess who’s coming to visit? The Royal Couple, that’s who! Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are going to Alberta, Canada’s Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge for their honeymoon, and will be staying at the 6,000 sq. ft. Royal Retreat, much to the chagrin of Brexit Enthusiasts.

It seems those U.K. Brexit Voters don’t just want a separation from the European Union, they also feel there should be a separation from all countries based on their populist beliefs. And based on all the chatter/complaints/yelling on Twitter and Facebook, in their minds, the populist agenda should also be followed when taking vacations and in this case, the Royal Honeymoon.

According to Hermoine English, a populist U.K. Facebooker, “The Royals should be standing in solidarity with the ‘Yes’ to Brexit vote and honeymoon like the rest of us blokes in the United Kingdom. They come off as rich elitist snods by thinking they can play by their own rules. It’s just not right. What’s wrong with Arundel, Yorkshire, or West Sussex? Nothing in my books! But no, you Royals must go off gallivanting to the socialist republic of Canada and their open borders policy……Eh!”

On Twitter, the anger is a little more vicious as they attack the Royals for their decision, but also, other Brexit issues that some citizens are very concerned about. As the person with the twitter handle @poontanghound has recently commented “The Royals can kiss my arse for honeymooning in Canada. They’re worse than Tony Blair and don’t represent true U.K.’ers. In fact, we shouldn’t allow them to leave and we should build a really high wall to stop there plane. And at the same time not let immigrants in. Free Tommy!”

However, not all English Brexit Enthusiasts see the Honeymoon as an issue. On Facebook, Christopher Ritchie had this to say to his many followers “I don’t see what all the fuss about the Honeymoon is. It’s not like Harry married a Brit anyway. She’s just a Yankee who likes the attention. Let them go to Canada. Hopefully, she doesn’t make the trip back. We have enough immigrants as is.”

Needless to say, no matter which way Brexit enthusiasts fall on the Royal Honeymoon to Canada spectrum, they all still seem to agree that they have no love for immigrants and are quite fond of national pride.

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