Scumbag Who Fueled The Opiod Crisis Now Poised To Profit From Solution

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Richard Sackler, a human piece of garbage along with his family that owns Purdue Pharma, is now poised to profit from a solution to the opioid crisis, after his company was widely blamed for helping cause the epidemic with their shady marketing tactics of the painkiller OxyContin.

According to the Financial Times, Sackler is listed as 1 of 6 inventors on the patent for a new formula of buprenorphine, which is a medication for treating opioid addiction. The Richard Sackler version of buprenorphine would be available in wafer form that dissolves even faster than the current pill or film. The sales gimmick for this type of medication compared to its predecessors is that it will make it harder for people to smuggle and sell buprenorphine when they take it in a clinical setting, since it will quickly dissolve in their mouths. Therefore it can’t be misused.

With the possibility of enormous profits in this drug’s future, the involvement of Ricard Sackler has drawn a considerable amount of criticism and for good cause. The fact that he could knowingly profit from fueling the opioid crisis with Purdue Pharma’s greedy marketing tactics, and then turn around to earn some money on the epidemic recovery is just plain wrong.

Purdue encouraged a greater use of opioids for any type of pain, and the company helped Oxycontin proliferate. They ended up not just in the hands of patients, but due to the excess and freewheeling doctors prescribing Oxycontin due to the kickbacks, they also started the recreational market. It got into the hands of teens looking through family medicine cabinets, friends and family of patients, and then on the black market where pills could be sold for a big profit.

And along the way, Purdue Pharma didn’t complain as their bottom line kept on making higher highs. They ran with this machine and did so without conscience. And in a pathetic attempt by the government to punish them, Purdue Pharma and three of its top executives only paid $630 million in federal fines for their misleading marketing even though Oxycontin has revenues exceeding $25 billion dollars since 1996. The three executives, who reported to Richard Sackler, were also criminally convicted, and each was sentenced to three years of probation and 400 hours of community service. Prosecutors did not accuse any Sackler family members of wrongdoing. However, they wrote that Richard Sackler, while he was President of Purdue Pharma in 1999, was informed about the drug abuse that was occurring with his companies main product.

Now after marketing Oxycontin to America and helping the rise of a major drug epidemic, Ricard Sackler is back with a drug called buprenorphine and it just seems wrong. Many people have died because of the reckless tactics his company employed. Families were destroyed, yet everyone involved got rich while no one went to jail. It just doesn’t seem right that this man and his family should be allowed to capitalize financially on fixing the problem they helped create. If anything, their solution should be given away for free. This is capitalism and cronyism at its worst, and someone needs to be made an example of so this doesn’t happen again.

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