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The new Netflix documentary ‘Seeing Allred’ allows for a rare look into the private life of 76-year-old civil rights attorney Gloria Allred.

Gloria’s fight for women’s rights paved the way for #MeToo to come to light and public opinion is just now starting to shift. People are finally believing and hearing out victims of abuse, regardless of who they are accusing. Gloria is remarkably fearless in her representation of these victims, and she specializes in building a platform to give them a voice. Her goal is to seek justice while helping her client’s transition their mentalities from victims to survivors to advocates.

No media, nor man has ever held her back. Allred has overcome many obstacles, and she recognizes the importance that she holds for victims of policy and civil rights. She’s famous for her televised Press Conferences that hold the accusers accountable in the public eye.

Gloria, herself, was the victim of gun-point rape in Mexico in 1966. It lead to an unwanted pregnancy and a subsequent illegal back-alley abortion which she calls “the worse thing that’s ever happened to her.” From then on, she swore to fight oppression with radical policy changes and deep empathy.

Most notably, Allred went on to represent the accusers of Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, and Donald Trump. She gave them a platform and a fighting chance to be heard when they were up against the powerful men when most people wouldn’t believe the victims.

Society is beginning to come to terms with the mental health impacts that trauma has on victims, which can then be compounded by the trauma of not being believed. Gloria hopes to empower these women. She’s seen her clients come forward with great courage, only to have their character’s assassinated by public opinion and in the courts. It’s inspiring to watch someone as fearless as Gloria stand by these women as they fight for the dignity of being believed.

Gloria has not just fought for Women’s Rights but has also fought for Gay Marriage Rights. She also sees no point in mixing church and state when it comes to the livelihood of her fellow citizens. We are all equal, and she is the face of that fight. Her style, her composure, her gritty stance on hard-nosed topics are all part and parcel of who Gloria is. Hell, even her only daughter has joined her crusade to acknowledge oppression in policy. I was so moved seeing how these women have pivoted from victimization, like Gloria, to advocates with a sense of purpose that is now bigger than them.

Gloria’s calling card is her serious composure mixed with her empathetic left arm draping over the victims of injustices who she represents. She has a uniform demeanor of take-no-shit mixed with heart-of-gold. Allred’s response to not wanting to comment on her divorce to her ex-of-19-years husband was “I’VE SURVIVED WORSE DISASTERS THAN THIS” (referencing her rape in Mexico). This documentary is well worth the watch, even just for Hollywood-like real story element, if not for the groundbreaking truths and motivational ambition. One thing for sure, Gloria Allred truly represents a hope for a better world.

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