Seeing Yourself From The Outside

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In this week’s edition of Roller Coaster Moods Trapped in Cartoons, Felicity Tse explores how people perceive themselves in two lights. Those lights being negative or positive. But in her own words, this is what she had to say.

“This week’s illustration’s a simple one called “between the lines,” wherein between the obvious negative, self-deprecating comments, there are days where we feel motivated enough to tell ourselves otherwise. Beneath all that, sometimes we forget that we’re a whole human being that can’t be categorized as either just one or the another (a positive or a negative). Life is never black and white, and if we learned to see ourselves in the third person, we’d see our situations a lot differently.”

Her artwork and statement got us thinking over here at Massive Phobia HQ. For our whole lives, we are judged as being a good or bad child/person. If you are religious, it’s what God sees you as. If you only care about Christmas, it’s how Santa sees you, as he needs to know what type of gift you’ll be receiving. And so on and so on.

We are being given these two forms of thought from birth, and for many of us, we begin to believe some of the lies we tell ourselves as we grow older. And unfortunately, our self-esteem suffers because of it. Language plays a huge part of our life, and now it’s up to us to pull ourselves back from these black and white terms and see ourselves from the outside.

Hopefully, once we can see ourselves from an outside perspective, we can see the reality of who we truly are and not the perceptions that we’ve internally struggled with forever. Once you can do that, real inner progress can be made.

So we just want to thank Felicity Tse for her wonderful and thought-provoking artwork once again.

We hope that for all you mental health warriors out there are inspired by Felicity’s work and if you want to contribute to our site in the future, please email us at

Between the Lines by Felicity Tse

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