Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired | Day 16

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Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired | Day 16

I didn’t run before my day started but I still did my push ups and sit up variations. And I didn’t get my Fitbit steps in today for a very good reason. I got a text around noonish from the wife of one of my oldest friends. His mother, who suffered from Diabetes amongst other things, had a stroke and they were told she had days to live. 

I’ve known this friend since I was 9 years old and his mother was always the best to me. She was a talker. A friendlier than friendly lady who always had a good laugh. I always liked to make my friend look bad and would get his mom flowers for her birthday when we were younger. It would always get him angry and I loved pissing him off. We were/still are competitive with each other and I knew how to get under his skin better than anyone. I still do and I’m kinda evil that way.

I notified everyone at the office that I had to go and walked to the hospital, which wasn’t too far away. I was scared to go and I actually cried a little on the way. A lot of fun memories came flooding back. I stood outside the hospital for a couple of minutes, knowing I had to be strong for my friend. When I got inside, he was right there, standing in line for a coffee. I gave him a hug and then went to see his mom. 

What I saw shocked me. She’d become so bloated that she was barely recognizable. Not knowing how to act in these situations, I did what I do best by making everything light. My friend and his brother were not on great terms and this was the first time they’d seen or talked to each other in 6 months. I became somewhat of a buffer. A way for all of them to mourn together while not directly getting into things.

My history with his brother is also interesting. He’s quite wary of me as he’s used to the 12 – 15 year old version of me that always convinced him to do dumb things. He’s been conditioned to always wonder, ‘what’s the catch? How am I being tricked?’ It’s almost 30 years later and he’s still watching his back.

Soon after I got there, their dad showed up. His parents got divorced when my friend was 20 and I have only seen him once in the last 20 years. I wasn’t a huge fan of him when I was a kid and I wasn’t a huge fan of him when he divorced my friends mom to start a new family too. However, it seems like he’d changed in that time. He become pretty mellow. I listened to him tell stories of when they were younger and I hung off every word. He was actually quite the good story teller. Then he broke into a story that had my friends wife dying of laughter, and it wasn’t because of the story, it was because, as I’m told, the look on my face was priceless.

It seems, unbeknownst to me, that my friends parents were Scientologists from 1975 to 1983. Upon being told this information my mind just happened to blow and the look on my face supposedly told the whole story. I couldn’t believe it but at the same time I could. When my friend came back into the room, as he wasn’t there for this moment, I said ‘Your parents were Scientologists?!! And you never told me?!!’ He laughed and replied ‘I knew if I told you, you’d make fun of me every single day for the rest of my life’ and he was right. I would have. And now I will, as I still have the rest of his life.

The things you learn about people when it’s too late. 

I stayed at the hospital until visiting hours were over. I gave everyone hugs and said I’d be back tomorrow. My friend walked me out and thanked me for staying with them all day.

This wasn’t a thing to thank me for in my opinion. To me, this is what friends do. No matter where you are in the world or in life, if you see your old friends on a regular basis or not, when shit hits the fan, you drop everything you do and rush to their side.

That’s the code I live by and I hope you do too. 


Weight: 189.5 Pounds

Steps: 16,149

Distance: 11.75 km

Floors: 8

Time: 91 Minutes

Peak Heart Rate: 0 Minutes

Cardio Heart Rate: 10 Minutes

Fat Burn Heart Rate: 2 Hr 12 Minutes

Resting Heart Beats Per Minute: 64

Calories Burned: 3070

Calories Taken In: 2115

Food Log

(All Calories Are Best Estimates. When In Doubt I Went Higher)


(I’ve never been a breakfast guy FYI. Eating breakfast at all is new to me.)

Protein Shake: 308 Calories


Vegetarian Pad Thai: 630 Calories

Afternoon Snack

Oatmeal Cookies: 325 Calories

Diced Peaches: 70 Calories


Large Grilled Chicken Breast Salad: 782 Calories

Evening Snack


Thanks for following my adventure. If you have any questions, I’m just an email away.

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