Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired | Day 38

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Yes, my brother is still here. My heath and diet regime to be fit as fiddle has now found the stress that is the guy who won’t leave the couch. My sick and tired of being sick and tired is now sick and tired of a house guest.

Literally, when I walk through the door at the end of the day, he’s sitting there and asking what I want to do tonight or what we’re going to watch on TV.

I didn’t sign up for this one. Please, somebody, help me. I’m being driven crazy. I’m very off when it comes to house guest and exact time they’ll be staying for. I’m not sure if you’re the same way, but for me, it’s beyond painful if someone stays even a minute longer than the proposed end date.

Right now, with no end game in sight and no rational talk being used between us, every time I look at his nonexistent Fitbit stats on my phone, I just know he’s watching another episode of Entourage.

ENTOURAGE! What a shitty show to watch re-runs of!!!!

Dear GOD!!!

If you’re going to watch something you’ve seen before, make it The Matrix or Dazed and Confused. I’ll even take Mean Girls. Just not Entourage. It’s the worst.

When I went out for a late night walk, he even mentioned that I was avoiding him and he was right. My living space was not my living space anymore, and if he wasn’t going to be a respectable human being who constantly farted and burped and smoked inside, then I was going to be very obvious that I’m leaving the house to get my alone time without him there.

The anger flowing out of my fingers while typing this has brought back this old memory. I was in an excellent place. My momentum was skyrocketing, and this put such an emotional damper on everything I had accomplished.

All my old brother/brother triggers were in play, and they were all being hit. One after another.

I started looking for craigslist apartments every second of this day and kept on sending out emails to view places. Nothing looked promising because I was in an emotional wasteland.

My website would have to wait until this blip got sorted out.

Family. Can’t shoot them in the face when you really want to even though you already bought the gun.


Enjoy my Fitbit stats below.


Weight: 177 Pounds

Steps: 24,483

Distance: 20.84 km

Floors: 77

Time: 157 Minutes

Peak Heart Rate: 0 Minutes

Cardio Heart Rate: 10 Minutes

Fat Burn Heart Rate: 2 Hr 19 Minutes

Resting Heart Beats Per Minute: 63

Calories Burned: 3464

Calories Taken In: 1878

Food Log

(All Calories Are Best Estimates. When In Doubt I Went Higher)


(I’ve never been a breakfast guy FYI. Eating breakfast at all is new to me.)

Protein Shake: 308 Calories


Chicken Sandwich: 530 Calories

Afternoon Snack

Blackberries: 340 Calories


Chicken Breast: 382 Calories

Falafel: 114 Calories

White Rice: 204 Calories

Evening Snack


Thanks for following my adventure. If you have any questions, I’m just an email away.

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