Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired | Day 42

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Oh, it’s Sunday, and I have my second day of having the house to myself……. oh, I’m pretty much going to stay inside all day was the only thing I thought about when I woke up late……..

However, this was not the case as I began to feel guilty for sitting inside and one of my many walks began. I’m starting to annoy myself with all of the walking. It’s like I’m not letting myself relax when I should. I don’t think it’s a good thing.

I walked so much in my abbreviated sleep shortened day, that I actually forgot to eat in the early part of the day really. I had food, but it was more like pigeon scraps. It may look like healthy choices down below. But in reality, not eating enough food is not a healthy choice at all, and this can’t be sustainable if I keep eating this way.

If this was last year, my ideal day would have been to watch wrestling, eat a whole bag of tortilla chips with salsa, do some drugs, try to masturbate but not because the drugs made me impotent, maybe go see a movie in the theater, eat a full bag of large popcorn, followed by drinking a large coke. Best run on sentence ever!

As you noticed there was no exercise, vegetables, or actual real food involved in any of this process. Which begs the question…. How am I still alive? To which I answer, am I actually living?

Oh jeez, the negativity got in there. Must try and fight this. But really, right now I’m leading a pretty boring lifestyle in my books, and it’s actually the greatest thing for me right now. I’ve had enough excitement and drama in the last few years to last me a lifetime.

Living drama free by hitting a giant restart button is the best thing that I could have ever done. Who knows what the future will actually hold for me, but for right now, there’s just today, and that’s how I’m living. Day by day.

Shit, I just used a cliche. I’m a cliche now!

Next thing you know I’ll be on a postcard saying the phrase ‘Don’t worry be happy.’

Now I’m just all over the place. Two seconds ago I was getting all negative, and then I switched to being overly positive the next second. I think I just need some air. I’m going for a walk before bed. NIGHT!

P.S. I used the word ACTUALLY 4 and now 5 times while writing this post and Grammarly isn’t happy with me.

Enjoy my Fitbit stats below.


Weight: 177 Pounds

Steps: 24,604

Distance: 18.65 km

Floors: 33

Time: 184 Minutes

Peak Heart Rate: 0 Minutes

Cardio Heart Rate: 5 Minutes

Fat Burn Heart Rate: 2 Hr 28 Minutes

Resting Heart Beats Per Minute: 61

Calories Burned: 3573

Calories Taken In: 1174

Food Log

(All Calories Are Best Estimates. When In Doubt I Went Higher)


(I’ve never been a breakfast guy FYI. Eating breakfast at all is new to me.)



Strawberries: 110 Calories

Salad: 380 Calories

Afternoon Snack



Sushi with Veggies: 684 Calories

Evening Snack


Thanks for following my adventure of Being Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired. If you have any questions, I’m just an email away.

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