Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired | Day 5

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Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired | Day 5

Woke up fully rested! My Fitbit is telling me that I slept for 8 hours and 42 minutes and sometimes a good resting sleep is all the body needs to do some repairs. To my delight, I could barely feel any soreness around my heart. I moved around in bed and for the most part it just seems to have disappeared. Was I being given a second chance? That old flowing sense of relief flooded my body. I jumped out of be with a ‘You’re doing it’ kind of attitude, not a ‘You can do it’ it kind. It’s a big difference. I pushed myself to 15 push ups and then 25 sit up variations. Then, instead of taking a shower and walking to work, I put on my long johns (cold outside) oversized jogging pants, and four layers of shirts. T-shirt, Long Sleeve Shirt, Tight Sweatshirt, Bulky Hooded Sweatshirt. I felt like Rocky and jumped out the door.

On the Fitbit, I set it to run and I was on my way. I concentrated on my breathing and listened to calming music while I ran. I did my best to sing along in my head. If a muscle started to hurt, I breathed into it. I’d check my heart rate on my Fitbit just to make sure I wasn’t going to die too. After some initial discomfort, a weird thing started to happen as if my body seemed to have gotten a second wind quite quickly. It kinda took me aback a little and I just went with it. I started feeling taller so I ran taller. When other runners zoomed by me in the opposite direction, I’d nod to them like they were my buddies in arms. I actually wanted to stick out my hands and high five them (I still feel the urge to do that everyday but I haven’t yet). When I passed the 1 km mark, in my mind I was thinking as if I were a character out a Marvel Super Hero comic. As if my exercise had transformed me into this person with all new abilities. So I kept on running. However, not long after all of these thoughts, my body had other ideas for me. I could feel my muscles getting tired but I wasn’t going to let it stop me on this day. Today was my day. The song ‘Everybody Hurts’ by R.E.M. popped up on my player and I just went with it. I slowed down my running for a bit to go with the pace of the song, knowing that it had positive boost ending and that’s when I’d finish my run. And so I did. When that ending hit, I mustered every last bit of run I had in me and tried going as fast as I could……..To onlookers, I must have looked like a man that just got shot and was running his final steps until his eventual face plant into the afterlife. 

When that song ended. I slowed to a walk and my eyes grew bigger than the fullest of moons. I was certain of it because for some reason I felt it. You just know. Sometimes in life you have revelations or break throughs on your personal journey. Something clicks in and you just get it. Well, today was that day for me. Going back to those old cliches ‘Strong Body Strong Mind’. You could have said it over and over to me and I would have never understood it….until now. When I became a certified Life Coach, the school emphasized the physical/body/somatic aspect of everything. However, I intellectualized it and didn’t feel it myself. Today, I realized what a fraud I’ve been and I don’t mean that in a bad way. It’s just funny to me that I couldn’t see it and that’s because I never let myself FEEL it. I’m a big believer in everything happens for a reason and things take course when you’re ready…….And today, I became ready. 

On my walk back to my temporary living space, I felt naturally high from my run. I checked my Fitbit and it said 2km. Just the other day I couldn’t barely make it around a track once and now I just ran 2km……… Shit was getting real 🙂

But back to my walk. I started to have new ideas about this site and what it could be. The content that should be on it and so on. I was beyond excited. I felt free. I don’t know if you’ve ever had the feeling of being free but for me it’s the most wonderful feeling in the world. I felt unshackled by whatever thoughts and doubts and previous things I’d once told myself and I was not going to battle those thoughts with just my mind….my body and soul were now coming along for the ride to bust through the ceiling I had given myself.

What a day and it’s only 7:48 A.M.



Weight: 195 Pounds

Steps: 30,332

Distance: 24.68 km

Floors: 26

Time: 224 Minutes

Peak Heart Rate: 8 Minutes

Cardio Heart Rate: 31 Minutes

Fat Burn Heart Rate: 3 Hr 28 Minutes

Resting Heart Beats Per Minute: 64

Calories Burned: 4199

Calories Taken In: 2320

Food Log

(All Calories Are Best Estimates. When In Doubt I Went Higher)


(I’ve never been a breakfast guy FYI. Eating breakfast at all is new to me.)

Mixed Vegetable Juice: 142 Calories 


Salad with Beets, Cucumbers, Sunflower Seeds and Avocado: 450 Calories

Afternoon Snack

Protein Shake: 321 Calories

2 x Cups of Blackberries: 194 Calories


Sushi with Vegetables and Seafood: 648 Calories

Evening Snack

Salted Popcorn: 520 Calories

5 x Extra Large Strawberries: 45 Calories

Thanks for following my adventure. If you have any questions, I’m just an email away.

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