Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired: Week 35

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This week has been a mixed bag on the sick and tired of being sick and tired journey. Maybe a mixed bag is the wrong term to use actually………Let’s just say it’s been a week or tradeoffs by inviting lesser evils into my life in hopes to get rid on much greater ones.

Before I get to the evils, let’s discuss how good my body feels since I started yoga, because I know you were thinking out loud ‘Tell us about your body, Edward.’ I’ve had no aches and pains this week, and I’ve even started light jogging again with no issues. There’s your quick update on my body, and I hope it was everything you hoped for. Now for the mental side, as I, unfortunately, was still getting drug cravings. They’re always just sitting there while I have free time, constantly bugging me to make phone calls for them. I continue to resist making the calls or texts, but eventually, that pestering will get too strong one day, so I need to have a better plan of attack.

So what was my amazing grand plan? To get high of course! Ha! But by using marijuana. Yes, I’m trading one drug for another, but this is the lesser of the two evils. So I did my research on different types of marijuana strains because the internet is fucking amazing, and found one that suited my needs. It wouldn’t make me sleepy, but would let me be functional aka didn’t make me stupid, and could help with my anxiety issues. It was called Jack Herrer, and thankfully my new local dispensary had some in for me.

It’s been a whole seven days of smoking weed responsibly, and I haven’t had any other drug cravings at all. Writing this post has been the only time I’ve actually thought about it too. However, my one issue has now sprouted into two lesser ones. First, I’m now a marijuana addict. Second, I’ve eaten a lot more than usual this week and need to figure out how to stop snacking. I’ve had five McDonalds ice cream cones in the last week. Five!!!! I’ve eaten Popcorn, Pizza, Burgers, Fries, Chocolate Bars, and Cookies! I’m sure there’s more, but these seven things have been my most important food groups. My cholesterol level has probably gone through the roof too. So I’m sure if the two lesser evils are a good or bad thing in the long run, but for my short-term needs, it seems to be working??

So yes, this may be the worst plan ever, but no one has ever accused me of being a genius. This is the part of the conversation where you go “But Edward, you are a genius!” And then I go “Oh, you guys, stop it!” Because I’m a real humble person like that.

Now I’m just acting weird, and I’ll blame it on being tired, even though I’m just plain odd and sometimes proud of it.

Night Night.

Thanks for following my adventure of Being Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired. If you have any questions, I’m just an email away. Also, if you want to read from DAY ONE, CLICK HERE!


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