Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired: Day 61

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It’s Day 5 of the mini-goal, and I’m at around 152,000 steps on the Fitbit and it’s looking like the 200k step goal over the seven day period will be reached, unless I get into some sort of an accident. I have soccer tomorrow too, which will easily add 4000 steps to my day. I just hope I don’t trip over my own two feet again as that was really embarrassing.

This was kind of a boring day. I did exercises. Sit ups and push ups and things like that and walked a lot. I worked on this website to get the look and feel into some sort of decent shape and it’s kinda getting there. I’m not going to beat myself up over it right now. It’s still early days, and I can start beating myself up down the road when I start spending serious money on it.

I’m in uncharted territory in a way right now. Everything is going well. I feel like I can do anything. In a way, I feel invincible, yet for some reason, I also feel unstable and unsafe. Coming from zero self-esteem, this just feels weird. It’s like a paradox of sorts. I’m not sure if this makes sense. It has nothing to do with confidence. I guess the best way to make you understand how I’m feeling would be to use a relationship analogy. I tend to get involved in relationships with people who are ‘unavailable emotionally’ as that’s what I’m used too. So when I began dating someone that was ’emotionally available,’ I didn’t know how to act because I was so used to my role in all my former relationships, that I didn’t know how to ‘just be me.’ It was all so foreign to me that it felt unstable, even though it wasn’t.

It’s amazing what you put up with your whole life without even knowing you’re hurting yourself. And it’s even more interesting to see how your body, mind, and soul react to the change as it’s happening. In a way, it’s like withdrawal from an addiction, and I’m currently in detox 101.

Enjoy my Fitbit stats below.


Weight: 172 Pounds

Steps: 26,445

Distance:22.67 km

Floors: 52

Time: 195 Minutes

Peak Heart Rate: 1 Minutes

Cardio Heart Rate: 7 Minutes

Fat Burn Heart Rate: 3 Hr 34 Minutes

Resting Heart Beats Per Minute: 60

Calories Burned: 3734

Calories Taken In: 2579

Food Log

(All Calories Are Best Estimates. When In Doubt I Went Higher)


(I’ve never been a breakfast guy FYI. Eating breakfast at all is new to me.)

Protein Shake: 308 Calories


Falafel Wrap: 580 Calories

Afternoon Snack

Smoothie: 247 Calories


Sushi with Veggies: 576 Calories

Evening Snack

Cantaloupe: 88 Calories

Popcorn:  780 Calories

Thanks for following my adventure of Being Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired. If you have any questions, I’m just an email away. Also, if you want to read from DAY ONE, CLICK HERE!

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