Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired: Week 23

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It’s been a week of mostly downs. So yes, this may be an upsetting version of ‘Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired’ but it will still be entertaining as hell, because as it turns out, when I get upset, I go crazy! And crazy is just lovely to watch when it’s not you.

I’m going to blame my week my exercise as it affects my mood. My body hasn’t fully recovered from being injured, and I’m just in pain. When I get up from my chair, I look like and feel like an old man. It’s quite pathetic really, but it’s now my reality, and it’s affecting my mood in a big way. I’m just crabby and feeling more depressed.

First, I’d like to apologize to the Search Engine Optimization Company I hired for this website. Our first interactions this week haven’t been the best, and I lost my shit on all of you, and I’m pretty embarrassed by it all.

You see, I don’t get mad about much often. It’s kind of my thing. A lifelong struggle. I’m a guy that lets things slide, and I rarely stand up for myself. So when I finally started trying to stand up for myself, it comes out of my mouth quite poorly. In this case, I sounded like a bona fide angerholic in full rage mode aka a psychopath on the loose and looking to settle an old score.

Yeah, it wasn’t pretty.

Sometimes all of my rational thinking gets thrown out the window and I send a note to our SEO team that’s just fucking nasty which I will now let you read below.

Words cannot begin to describe how upset myself and my two partners were about yesterdays phone call, but I’m going to try. To put this into context, I’m the least confrontational person I know, so the fact that you’re getting this email says everything.

Where to begin? 

First, lets just start with the fact that it seemed like no one on the call had actually visited our website to understand what it is we actually do. No one read any of our content. NO ONE! What the fuck!! You have no idea how that angered everyone on our side of the call. That’s like being in school and writing a book report without even reading the book. Are you still grade school? Hello!

Second, we didn’t hear any type of strategy or explanation to the strategy or reasoning of the why we are going after keywords or what things meant. Time frames. Is this a two month plan? Is this a 12 month plan?  Is the 12 month plan 100k searches? There was no context. If the plan was for 12 months was 100k, that’s a joke. A JOKE!!!! If so, please send me money back right now and rip up the contract.

Third, and this one really pissed me off. I subscribe to and I know where we already rank for all of the keywords you already mentioned that we’ll be attacking and what you gave me was a complete joke. The keyword analysis must have taken the person 5 minutes to compile. I didn’t pay for that quality of work. No one in that department did a stitch of leg work. NO ONE!!!!!!!!!! The quality of that work was that of some guy on Fiver for exactly 5 bucks because that’s what it was worth. I’m paying you more money than fucking Fiver so do more than five bucks worth of work!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK?!!!

No one in that department bothered to visit our website at all and look around. No one bothered to type in every single phobia to see how many searches each one gets and then variations. No one went through our site and started typing in terms to see the value of other search terms and that there may have been low keyword difficulty in other places with more search volume. NO ONE!!!! Have you noticed the theme of this email yet? 


When it comes to other things on our site, as we’re an ART/HUMOR website that deals with mental health. NO ONE thought to look for other keywords because we don’t rank in the Top 100 on Ahrefs for them but we have things like poems about depressions and depression drawings. We don’t rank in the top 100 for these because we haven’t used those keyword terms yet but each have 3000 to 3500 searches a month and low keyword difficulty and I know this because I ACTUALLY DID THE WORK!!!!!! LEGWORK! HAVE YOU HEARD OF LEGWORK?!!!!!

Also, most of the keywords that you chose are already on the second page of google and thus a really underhanded way of having our contract fall into your favour quite easily when it was myself and my coworkers that did all of that work. Pretty sneaky stuff.

How can the next steps happen when the first group of people didn’t do their jobs? This is unacceptable and quite frankly we’d like to cancel our deal with you and be refunded because we have no confidence that anything that you’ve promised you can do and so far your work has been completely unprofessional. 

All The Best,

Edward Ernest

So yeah, as you can see, I kinda lost my shit, and I’m not proud of it. But I was so damn angry. It didn’t make me feel great after as well, but I think that’s just my lifelong guilt complex rearing its ugly head.

Now for the good news. This letter actually worked, and I got a phone call from the owner of the company, and they have offered to rip up the contract or they’ll give me a much lower rate. I still haven’t decided on what to do, but the owner has apologized for his staff and said he’ll take over the account personally. I think I’ll sleep on this one.

Maybe this week wasn’t as bad as I thought, but I still have a headache from listening to myself and all of my stewing. Sometimes you just get tired of yourself.

And now I’ll head to bed.

Night Night.

Thanks for following my adventure of Being Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired. If you have any questions, I’m just an email away. Also, if you want to read from DAY ONE, CLICK HERE!


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