My Sister Bullies Me Because I’m Gay And I’m Secretly Dating One Of Her Friends

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Dear Judge Mental Jones,

I’m gay, and my big sister constantly bullies me in front of her friends. I’m sleeping with one of them, and he hasn’t come out because he has terrible anxiety and is obviously quite scared of the backlash, especially from his parents. It breaks my heart that he keeps letting my sister bully me though. We text every night, but we’ll never be able to come out as a couple because our age difference (3 grades) and orientation gives him debilitating panic attacks. I want him to stick up for me and stop making me live this lie alone. My sister might turn on him though, and she’s vicious…. And I wouldn’t want him to go through what I do. HELP!

Dear My Sister Bullies Me Because I’m Gay And I’m Secretly Dating One Of Her Friends,

WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOUR PARENTS- JEEZE!!! The fact that your evil sister is so fucking miserable and agro that she rains hail on your self-esteem and social life daily makes me wonder what kind of parents you have?

You gotta take up fighting! Put the fear of retaliation into this bitch. Let her know- point blank- that her face is your inspiration while learning Boxing or Muay Thai or even fucking Comedy Class. You should become the comeback king!

I know this sucks, but you need to learn how to defend yourself kiddo. But if you show your beau that you can protect YOURSELF, he’ll probably have the confidence to seek help and come out against these fucking asshole bigots with you.

Now to be nice about your sister. Yes, she sucks, but she seems to have tons of anger inside of her, and that comes from somewhere. I assume that your parents don’t treat her well or she may have some issues with them that I don’t know of. If you also want to be proactive and nip your problem in the bud, maybe try to talk to your sister and give her empathy about her own issues. It may work and it could possibly bring both of you closer together.

xo Judge Mental Jones

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