My Sister Just Got Out Of Jail And She’s a Bully

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Dear Judge Mental Jones,

The holidays are coming and I’m cringing because my older abusive sister who just got out of jail is always targeting me and bullying me. I’m prone to depression and it always triggers out around the holidays. I don’t even want to go!!!!! What should I do?

Dear My Older Sister Jailbird Sister Is An Asshole,

Obviously, your parents are between a rock and a hard place on this one. They need to be supportive of your sister, but at the same time, it shows a lack of support towards you.

The question I ask is then, how far gone is your Asshole Jailbird Sister? Because if there is really no hope for her and she’s just going to continue down her path of destroying her life and everyone else that gets in her path, then fuck your sister. Bring some Pepper Spray and show her who’s boss. Traumatize her out of fucking with you again. Take up boxing or something that makes you more empowered when you tell her to shut the fuck up. Especially when you’re prone to depression. Let that bitch KNOW you are not the one. OR laugh it off and roll your eyes.

Now, I don’t want to be dicks to your family, but if they are watching all of this unfold, and are just scared of your sister, then they are enabling her abuse towards you, and that’s not right either, so FUCK your parents/rest of the family. Where are they when this is happening? It’s hard to believe that they don’t notice. Although, if she’s rough around the edges, it clearly came from somewhere- and if your parents are Hard Tickets and YOU are not, and they WON’T defend you – then photoshop yourself into some vacation pics and let them know that it’s a work thing.

Obviously, if this is the case, then everyone in your family has unresolved issues, and the best thing you can do is take a break from everyone in a protest until they finally understand the issues you’ve raised. Maybe they’ll start doing something about themselves, as they have to do the work too. Hopefully, they’ll be on board for this, or you’ll be shit out of luck and avoiding family dinners for a long time. However, one on one time with family members should be okay as long as your Jailbird sister isn’t around.

You need to protect yourself right now and do what’s best for you. You can always revisit situations to see if they’ve changed but for now, just let yourself be your top priority. Period.

xo Judge Mental Jones

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