My Sister’s Bipolar Costume is Offensive To Me

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Dear Judge Mental Jones,

My sister is an art student. She made a papermâché mask of her interpretation of bipolar for Halloween. It’s a half happy, half sad mask. I am not confrontational at all, and I haven’t told anyone about my diagnosis yet. I DO NOT want her to go out like that because it will offend me and others. But she is such a proud artist, so I don’t want to hurt her feelings either. Is there any way for me to talk her out of it without hurting her or getting too personal?

Dear My Sister’s Bipolar Costume is Offensive To Me,

Oh, what a pickle I’m in with this piece of advice. I can feel the anger and judgement swirling around in me from all directions, and all of you may be in my path of wrath, and I’m very sorry about that.

I’m going to assume you’re a millennial and I’m just going to lash out at you first for being so offended by everything because I really can’t stand the PC culture we live in these days. The costume seems innocent enough. My question is this? If you wore that costume, would you not be offended because you battle Bipolar Disorder yourself? Is it like black people can make black jokes and Jewish people can make Jewish jokes? But no one else can type of thing? If so, then I get it.

In that case, then your sister is an idiot. However, I most likely would have made the same mistake by wearing that outfit. It’s not like other costumes that are overtly racist or stereotypical or one Cultural Appropriated Clusterfuck. And it’s not like other mental health outfits, which make everyone seemed deranged and like a killer. So in a sense, it’s like an education piece, but first, you need to educate your sister that she can’t wear it herself. Unless! What if she battles Bipolar Disorder herself and isn’t saying anything either?

Wouldn’t those tables be turned on you? You would look like such an idiot if that happened, but what are the odds? Here’s a sneaky thing to do because we’re being cowards and not handling things in a straightforward way. Open a fake Twitter that can’t be traced back to you. Start a thread of terrible mental health costumes. Take her picture in the costume, post it online with #StopTheStigma #JustStop #Mental Health and show her that she somehow went viral and people hate her. It’s a public shaming – which she will experience anyway once it’s posted on her PERSONAL social media profiles.

Doing it this way will avoid the conversation of you having to say that you battle Bipolar and then at the same time, your sister may admit that she battles Bipolar herself, and then you can let your cat out of the bag too.

This whole piece of advice was exhausting, due to all the hiding, and lack of honesty and I’m gonna drink a Pina Colada now. Bye.

xo Judge Mental Jones

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