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Unless you were hiding under a rock, you would have known that last week was Palindrome Week. That’s where every date reads the same forwards and backward. For Palindrome enthusiasts, last week was they’re Super Bowl, and the festivities didn’t let anyone down.

The Palindrome Society of America commemorated every day by ringing the tower bell the same amount of times forwards and backward. On day one, that equaled 71,017 times one-way and 71,017 times back, and so and so on. John Hammerstein, the Head of the Palindrome Society of America had this to say “With every ring of the bell, my heart fluttered with excitement. We only have two more years of this beautiful anomaly, and we’re taking advantage of it at every chance we get. We’re also very thankful that our neighbors didn’t call the police on us this year.”

It seems not everybody is a Palindrome enthusiast as we caught up with Margot Stevey, a neighbor of the Palindrome Society of America. “For the last six years, everyone on this block has called the police on these morons, and they’ve been arrested every year, yet they still do it. None of us wanted to even deal with it this year, so we decided to all go out of town for the week because these idiots are just gonna do what they’re gonna do. It’s like their jihadists, but their cause is Palindromes. If this is what gets you excited, then God bless you, but I still think it’s pretty dumb.”

All over social media this week, disputes between Pro-Palindrome Enthusiasts and Anti-Palindrome Enthusiasts have been escalating due to the sheer annoyance of the daily Palindrome posts that rose 100 fold from the previous week. Everywhere you turned on Facebook and Twitter; it seemed like there was a Palindrome post staring you right in the face.

Avid Facebooker and Anti-Palindrome Enthusiast, Mark Shafer, had this to say “I don’t wave my hobbies and interests in your face. I keep that shit to myself. No one likes someone else’s Hobbies shoved down your throat. They just don’t. Don’t tell me to take part in events and such. If Palindromes were my hobby, they would have been my hobby by now. It’s like how everyone told me to give Better Call Saul a second chance. I didn’t like it, so stop trying to get me to watch. The nerve of some people.”

Not everyone shared the same view as Mark Shafer though. Pro-Palindrome enthusiasts believed that they were just celebrating a sacred holiday and their enthusiasm was mistaken for converting efforts. “I like to party and sometimes when I party too hard, it gets out of control. I’m just having a good time, and I like telling me how much fun it is to say these numbers backward and forwards all the time. It’s a free country, and I don’t think I’m in violation Facebook rules or regulations, so tough noogies. I like to party.” said Merle Grace, of the Facebook Group ‘I love Palindromes, and I love to Party.’

Needless to say, this war has been waged for many years, and we don’t see it stopping until 2020 when Palindrome Weeks won’t be seen for 100 more years. However, there will be Palindrome Days, and we’re sure this fight will continue until the end of time.

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