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The Mirror, one of the UK’s most widely-circulated tabloids, published a controversial piece called, “Top 25 social media sins have been revealed – but how many do you actually commit?” The article, detailing a survey the magazine took of “2,000 phone-mad Brits,” found that most end up committing at least four of these so-called “social media sins” per week.

This, of course, has had people freaking out, wondering if they’re clogging up their Instagram and Facebook feeds with an endless slew of obnoxious posts.

“I read this list, and I was like, oh, God, how many of these am I doing?” said Bristol native Sarah Fritch as she frantically scrolled through her Facebook timeline deleting every other selfie she’d posted in the past five years.

Along with posting what she deemed were “too many selfies” (the biggest sin, according to the Mirror), she also believes she commits number seven on the list, “ranting too much about politics.”

“Apparently it’s in bad taste to say Brexit was the daftest decision since invading India, and Theresa May is a watered-down version of Thatcher without the shoulder pads. So here I go, getting rid of all that,” Fritch said as she rapidly hit the “delete” button on her posts.

Those surveyed said that Facebook is where they found the highest concentration of annoying posts.

“I mean, it makes sense to me,” said Dan Emmings, barely looking up from his Galaxy S7 to give us an interview. “Shit – maybe I shouldn’t’ve posted that picture of my tikka masala last week. You think that pissed some people off?”

According to the Mirror, “posting pictures of food” was the thirteenth greatest social media sin.

While people like Sarah and Dan took to immediately trying to correct their ills, others thought it was a huge overreaction.

“If I want to post 80 pictures of my daughter every day, I’ll post 80 pictures of my daughter every day,” grumbled new dad Mike O’Connor. “We have to document every milestone. She isn’t going to be one month, two weeks, and three days old forever, you know!”

“Posting endless pictures of kids” is sin number eleven.

Doctoral candidate Yvette Stephens, who is doing her dissertation on the effects of social media on people’s mental health, is calling people’s reactions to the Mirror article “Upstage Fright.”

“So you have two reactions going on here at once,” she said. “Some people are freaking out because they’re committing these ‘social media sins.’ They’re worried they’re being arrogant and ‘upstaging’ their friends. Others are making even more annoying posts because they don’t believe they should care about a survey of what other people think.”

As with most social media anxiety orders, Stephens is sure people will forget about the Mirror article within the next week or so. “They’ll go back to posting what they’ve always posted in no time, I’m sure,” she said, while snapping a picture of her beef bourguignon.

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