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Posted by Bobby Jenkins | May 10, 2018 | Bipolar Disorder, Bobby Jenkins: The Diary of a Bipolar Bear, Identity | 0 |

Dearest Diary,

I’ve hit a new level on the messy betch meter. After opening up a fake account, I can now indiscriminately creep my exes without risking liking a 115 week old pic. 

Boy have I found some gems.

First, I wasn’t surprised that Lee had succumbed to his old ways and re-added his ex-fling that we fought over. Predictable. What I WASN’T expecting was for his ex-fling to creep my account using his real account (fucking rookie!). So I decided to check on my exes too, specifically the ones that drove him crazy. Like Isaac- one of the few exes he can name by Instagram Handle.

Enter my new messy betch status. When I saw that Isaac was promoting a new gay night (using my fake account!) at Arc En Ciel- I took my new harness and doused myself in glitter and Axe Body Spray and headed out for a night of slutty dancing and seduction. I pumped my friend Kyle with enough alcohol to be center-dance-circle the whole night. We felt famous voguing our little hearts out to a screaming audience.

Did he notice me? …Yes. Did we connect? No. But he is fucking gorgeous and now I’m slightly obsessed all over again. 10/10 would hit again.

So I moved to the big guns. My play-with-fire, you-like-him-too-much-to-play-him prospect. 

Javier came over within an hour of receiving my text. He was in his feelings. After we hooked up with more passion than the Titanic scene I realized I was in over my head- again. Just I like I knew would happen. I love him. This was not a smart ‘reckless’ hookup choice.

He was obsessed with catching up about Lee. So I snapped and set the boundary- no fucking Lee talk ever. Why is EVERY fucking prospect obsessed with LEE !!!?!

He went back to work and I tried to get on with my life. Until he called the next day saying he’s magically on my street again- and came over. Now I can’t stop stalking him either. Fuckkk. I’m not mentally healthy enough to date (but like, who is?).

I’m realizing that each distraction I try to connect with becomes a new replacement obsession. Like replacing cocaine with M. I need emotional rehab!!!

Meanwhile, Lee keeps posting these wild suicidal threats on Instagram stories. Upon further investigation, him and his ex-fling have unfollowed each other. AND HIS EX SHACKED UP WITH A GIRL!!!! 

I’m need to escape this city. It’s soaked in exes and ex-flings. Whenever I check out someone’s mutual friends on Insta, I’ve slept with at least two of them….. I need to spread my wings or paws or whatever and hit up another time and place on this planet. I get reckless/vicious when I’m heartbroken. I’m too sensitive for the dating scene. Can’t I just sew my wild oats in Iceland?! (note: set Grindr setting to Iceland)

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