The Demon of Indecision

Posted by Laurel Leaside | Feb 22, 2018 | Art, Community Collaboration, Depression, Ghosts and Demons and Shadows! Oh My! | 0 |

The Demon of Indecision is a real beast of a demon for me to wrangle. Always pushing and pulling me in different directions, one head wants to go this way in a hurry, while this one wants to stop and smell the flowers, one wants coffee and a pen to catch the crazy flow of ideas, the other needs to make a list right now. Life is total chaos when this guy (these guys?) steals the show. I can deal when they are dancing in the background, but when this demon is ringleader my life is a terrible circus of running around like crazy yet what’s actually getting done.

The drawing we have here is a real monstrosity, the only thing I like about it is that I gave my self permission to do it like this. Initially, this was just meant as a loose sketch for the future when I would sit down and draw the perfect demon to illustrate this feeling. But when I woke up in a panic during in the wee hours with a pressing feeling about all the things that “absolutely needed to be done right now,” I stumbled into my old rough sketch. I had been meaning to look through my ideas and polish one up, seeing this one helped me to realize that this was, in fact, the very demon possessing me, the one that had me whipped up into this useless frenzy. I decided I needed to take some action and force myself to tackle it head-on with a little “demon therapy.” I knew that aiming to make something perfect, would mean not finishing anything which would add to instead of diminishing its powers. So here in all it’s horrendous glory, is my hideous (kind of cute) Demon of Indecision.

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