The “You Stupid Piece of Garbage” Demon

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If The Ghost of Utter Overwhelm has shown up, it won’t be long before this guy appears too. TheYou Stupid Piece of Garbage” Demon.

This demon hates himself so bad that the only way for him to get even the littlest relief (if you can call it that) is to make me feel even worse then he does. He just sees the scene and swoops in for blood. A savage scavenger there just to pick, pick, pick away at my core self-esteem while The Ghost of  Utter Overwhelm has her way with my life.

This guy is guaranteed to make everything worse. He wants to rub my nose in every failure and hardship he can recall, remind me how they are all my fault. Basically, he lives on undermining any chance I have at whatever I was wanting or needing that kicked this whole mess off (usually it’s something that triggers, but sometimes it can just spring up out of nowhere).

Not quite like my other saboteur demons, this demon only needs one weapon- vicious trash talk that can bring you right to your knees with the verbal poison he spews. No one takes cheap shots like this guy, especially to all my weakest points he intimately knows. In fact, it is most likely going to be his vile berate that actually knocks  the spinning Ghost of Utter Overwhelm right off her axis.

Watch out for your own version of this demon; it is one of the hardest ones to defeat in my experience. This guy is one mean bully, seems like he will only stop once you’ve given up so thoroughly that your not fun to torment anymore. Earmuffs won’t help because he knows how to get into my head and override all the other broadcasts, that means just ignoring is out. There is one little trick I can share to defeat this one- summon all your strength and resolve and find the parts you know deep down simply aren’t true, the way he twisted the facts to be cruel. You just need to find one little chink in his toxic tale, and you have the power to undo his spell. Yes, you may need the un-poisoned ear of a trusted loved one or therapist to help you tease out the truth at first, but this kind of demon needs to be taken head on or you will surely be taken down by the weight of all the bullshit he wants you to believe.

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