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The comic ‘WEIRD?’, number 133 from Winston Rowntree’s Subnormality series is a one-panel comic that discusses what is WEIRD and the perceptions of what is WEIRD to you or to other people.

Myself, I have an interesting relationship with WEIRD. I embrace it, yet at some moments of my life, the word has also been hurtful. I still say to people “I know I’m weird which makes me normal because everyone is weird in their own way. It’s the people that think they’re normal that are the weirdest ones of all.”

In other words, it was a way of me being polite and saying everyone’s shit stinks and don’t be judgemental about it but with a snap or sassiness behind it all.

The most hurtful moment of my weird life was overhearing a conversation between my mother and my sister. I forget the context of the discussion, but my sister is quite judgemental, and she responded to my mother’s question about inviting me somewhere by saying, “I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but he’s fucking weird.” And this wasn’t said in a friendly or he’s quirky kinda way, it was said in a mean way, and when I was thought not to be around.

One of the worst feelings in the world is being misunderstood or judged by the people you are supposed to trust the most with your feelings, yet it happens to all of us.

Despite all the misunderstanding though, I still embrace my weirdness. It makes me happy. I’m not ashamed of doing things my way. If you’re a good person, then nothing else should matter. It’s our weirdness that makes us who we are and interesting, in my humble opinion. So embrace your weirdness and let everyone celebrate your weirdness too. Let it all out for everyone to see.

Now with all this rambling, I almost forgot about the wonderful comic by Winston Rowntree. It’s called ‘WEIRD?’ And hopefully, you love it as much as we did.

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Photo Credit: Winston Rowntree

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