How do I Survive Valentine’s Day With Depression?

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Dear Judge Mental Jones,

How do I survive Valentine’s Day with depression? I’m single and all of my other girl friends seem to be in happy long term relationships according to Facebook. I see them all over social media with their family photos, small children, and it hurts. It’s making me so insecure even thought it’s not personal. Maybe that’s the depression speaking though… How can I cope?

Dear How Do I Survive Valentine’s Day With Depression?,

Let me be the first to scream this from the mountain tops! Social media is not real! It’s what people want you to see, and it’s not the real them at all. It’s like the models on the front of the magazine covers that are photoshopped. ALL FAKE! Don’t give into the societal pressures. I’m sure all of your friends are dealing with issues, and they’re not talking about it either!!!

Now, if you want to join into the fake game, then take a fantastic slutty/great photo of yourself so that your attention (and notifications!) are more based on this diversion you’ve set for yourself. However, this will not get you anywhere mentally, as it will only get you likes. And likes aren’t real.

If you’re depressed like you say though, it won’t matter what happens on Instagram/Facebook/Snapchat at all. You’ll still be in your state of mind and if this is so, then you need to seek out a therapist as soon as possible. Comparing yourself to others is one sign of depression, but since I don’t know you, and I’m not a medical doctor, I can’t diagnose you.

So do your best to stay off social media as a whole, and if you can’t, try to remember that every loving couple sending each other happy face and kiss emoji’s to each other on Valentine’s Day is a bunch of crap. And it’s most likely that 1 in every 4 of your friends is being cheated on or actually hates their spouse but deals with it. Did that make you feel better? Yes, I’m a terrible person, but I do it for you.

xo Judge Mental Jones

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