Stupid Teacher Brings Child With ADHD To Tears

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An unnamed teacher from Plainfield Central School in Connecticut is currently the target of internet shaming for reducing a 12-year-old boy with ADHD to tears. She is most commonly being referred to as ‘Stupid’ after giving the innocent boy an ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) Award, which read ‘Most likely to be distracted by… Look something shiny!’

The teacher, who has now been given the moniker Professor Stupid Face, also gave the student the #BermudaTriangle Award for being the most likely to borrow something and never give it back. The lack of maturity by Professor Stupid Face may end up costing her more than her reputation in the long run, as complaints have now been filed with the school board.

Social media sites have been aflame with this story, and the internet is now doing what it does best and is shaming Professor Stupid Face with zero remorse.

Avid Facebooker and Full Time Car Salesperson, Denise Rockefler, posted this statement on her timeline “How dare Professor Stupid Face treat anyone with a mental health issue like that, let alone a defenseless 12-year-old boy. SHAME!!!!! She’s stupider than anyone that ever bought a PT Cruiser. What a disaster that thing was!”

Facebook wasn’t the only place that had some venom in its fangs for Professor Stupid Face; as Twitter was equally if not more vicious when it came to shaming her.

Andy Switzer of Portland, Oregon had this opinion to share. “Professor Stupid Face is a complete moron! What adult does that to a kid? A Hilary Clinton Loving Liberal does this, that’s who! We need to lock both of these pieces of shit up! Lock them up! Lock them up!”

We here at Massive Phobia scoured all of the social media sites in an attempt to find someone with an opposite view, looking to defend Professor Stupid Face’s actions, but it was like trying to find a needle in a haystack, so we just called it a day and went to see The Incredibles 2. 

So to sum it all up for all you teachers out there, don’t make fun of kids with ADHD or any other mental health issues, or for any reason for that matter…..Sigh.

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