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1[mass noun] A type of digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank.

‘I was perusing Silk Road on the dark web and came across a hand grenade as if it was on display at Pub and Pastry window in Knightsbridge. The cheeky owner of this lovely device told me to pay him in Bitcoin, and even though I hadn’t the foggiest about Bitcoin, I still thought it was quite peachy.’  – Oxford English

1.1[count noun] A unit of bitcoin.

‘I tried to buy some bangers and mash with my bitcoins in 2010, but due to odd circumstances, it was never ordered and my bitcoin wallet was misplaced for 7 years. The Bobbies finally returned my hard drive two weeks ago and the bitcoins are now worth 660,000 quid. I should take those wankers out for a pint or two.   – Oxford English

Bitcoin Quotes about Oxford English

“He wanted to pay me 20 Bitcoins instead of my regular 5 quid to watch him Toss Off and then suck on his Bell-end, and I was like ‘What the fuck is a Bitcoin?”- Jenny English (Oxford’s Cousin)

“He keeps coming round the pub lately and bragging about how much he made on Bitcoin but to tell you the truth, nobody believes a word he says. It’s all total Tosh. Rubbish. If he walked 2 kilometres, he’d say 3. Up is down. Right is left. He’s a giant Todger and we all know it.” – Dave O’Reilly (Oxford’s Sworn Life Long Enemy and the Mayor of Jonesshire)

“The Tosser wanted to pay his settlement in Bitcoin when I was Up the Duff with his baby. Something about tax reasons. I think he was selling stuff on the internets. Illegal Hatchimals I heard.” – Claire O’Reilly (Dave O’Reilly’s Ex-Wife)

“We confiscated Oxford’s hard drive after he was suspected in the cross border drug trade over the internet. He got off on the technicality though. He had nowhere close to the amount of Bitcoin needed at the time for the purchase of 100 pounds of pure Cocaine. The bugger did buy a grenade though.” – Lionel Jagger (Scotland Yard Field Agent)


Early 21st century: from bit + coin.



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