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Definition of moshing (verb) in English:



1 [informal] Dance to rock music in a violent manner involving jumping up and down and deliberately colliding with other dancers.

“Ah, moshing… those were the days; weren’t they? Banging our young bodies around in some smoky little tinderbox in East London. Drinking plog, doing a line, and grabbing anybody who’d have you for some drug-induced shagging in the corner.” – Oxford English

“I’ll never understand the mamby-pambies who don’t enjoy a bit of moshing here and there. They’re dull as dishwater. I wear my battle scars like the medals of honor they are. This one? On my elbow? Got it when some giddy kipper knocked me into this rusty, old speaker. Cut it all the way down to the bone. My left arm’s been a bit gammy ever since, but if you don’t make a few sacrifices for your passions, what’s the point of living?” – Oxford English

Moshing Quotes about Oxford English

“We ended up going to a Sex Pistols concert at this dodgy bar in Battersea. We were all seriously pissed, jumping around, banging into one another… you know, moshing. Do the kids still call it moshing? And Oxford was having the time of his life. We all had too much to drink, and Oxford ends up falling arse over tits into the stage. Bangs his head on the edge of it. And Johnny Rotten’s going mad on the electric, like he does. Well, somehow, the cord gets wrapped around Oxford’s neck. That’s when Johnny decides to crowd surf – guitar and all. Ends up wringing Oxford along. The cord disconnected pretty quick, but it got tangled in the mosh pit. So poor Oxford was dragged around on that piss and beer-covered floor for… dunno, at least five minutes or so. Think he got his head stomped on a couple times. For a few weeks, he couldn’t say anything other than the lyrics to ‘Anarchy in the UK.’” – Jarvis Whitestone (Owner, Smarmy Tossers Bar)

“According to the late Peter Williamson, owner of Putrid Purple Bar in Soho, Oxford English is a massive Men without Hats fan.  He was so proud of surviving one of the most horrific moshing accidents in history that he positively lost his mind when they released Safety Dance. He loved screaming it at the top of his lungs and pogoing around the bouncers. It got him kicked out more than a few times, of course.” – Alice Pigeon-Sharpe (Historian and author of The History of Punk from Camden to Shoreditch)

“Oxford loved moshing back in the day. I’m certain he misses it. Old codger’d probably break a hip if he tried it now. Still listens to the Ramones at least a couple times a week. These walls are so sodding thin. I can’t get my three-year-old to stop singing ‘I Wanna Be Sedated.’” – Amy Torrens (Nosy neighbor in Apartment 544)


1980s: perhaps from mash or mush.


mosh /mɒʃ/

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