Am I A Superstition Addict?

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Definition of superstition (noun) in English:



1 [ mass noun] Excessively credulous belief in and reverence for the supernatural.

Superstition? I wouldn’t carry a black cat and an open umbrella under a ladder indoors for a billion pounds.” – Oxford English

2 [count noun] A widely held but irrational belief in supernatural influences, especially leading to good or bad luck, or a practice based on such a belief.

Superstition’s what’s kept the human race alive for millennia! I don’t give a dog bollocks if Zeus isn’t actually hurling lightning from Mount Olympus – it’ll still bloody kill you either way.” – Oxford English

Superstition Quotes about Oxford English

“We used to sneak out of our rooms and play ‘Bloody Mary’ in the wee hours of the morning. Oxford said 3 AM was the best – the witching hour, he called it. I remember standing in front of the bathroom mirror with our torches, saying, “Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary –” I’m not daft enough to say it a third time. He held many superstitions – but also liked a laugh; I suppose. So we turned the tap on, put our torches under our chins, said the phrase, and – BAM – there she was. Mary bloody Tudor herself. She whispered in this raspy, high pitched voice: ‘Are you Catholic?’ Before I could stop him, Oxford said, ‘Fuck no.’ She chased him with a butcher knife all through the house ‘til daybreak.” – Richard Coldwater (Sad, Nondescript Orphan Barely Worth Mentioning)

“Oxford’s held every superstition under the roof for as long as I’ve known him. I could tell he had had some… interesting run-ins with the supernatural as a child. He wouldn’t say, specifically, but the way he acted when things went bump in the night… Well, one night I decided to bring out Grandmummy’s old Ouija board. It was from the 1800s – you know how mad those Victorians were about their séances. We’d been engaged only a few weeks, and I wanted to ask my dear, late grandmummy if she approved of our union. The planchette quite literally flew across the board and landed on ‘NO.’ Suddenly, this ethereal white hand appeared out of thin air, grabbed him by the willy, and yanked him out the door. Poor Oxford was screaming and hollering… I tried to follow after him, but he was long gone. Never answered my phone calls again. Sometimes I still see him out at the local Sainsbury’s, but he’ll drop his entire basket and run out of the store the second he spots me.” – Edith Biggs (Fiancee #3)


Middle English: from Old French, or from Latin superstitio(n-), from super- ‘over’ + stare ‘to stand’ (perhaps from the notion of ‘standing over’ something in awe)


superstition /ˌsuːpəˈstɪʃ(ə)n/

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