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The ADHD Photographer has been a blog we here at Massive Phobia have been trying to get off the ground for over a year, but it’s the bane of our existence at this point, and we can’t believe something so simple has become so difficult.

To give you a little bit of a backstory, the whole idea of The ADHD Photographer character, was to show people what the life of some battling ADHD was really like but with a little bit of humor. Most people do not realize that someone with ADHD is actually suffering. There is guilt, shame, and poor self-esteem that’s attached to their sensory actions and reactions. There are feelings of loneliness because they have trouble communicating their unique perspectives. And there are also feelings that their mind will always be in overdrive and their life will be an endless struggle. ADHD is not a joke or something they can change as most of society thinks. It’s debilitating, and we felt it was important to show the real pain they feel but in an entertaining way.

So why haven’t we built this blog/character yet? Excellent question. We here at Massive Phobia like to find writers with the specific mental disorder to develop our characters for us, and most of the time, due to the nature of our site and who we are finding, they eventually get overwhelmed and quit. Or in some cases, they’ll just disappear without replying back to any of our emails. That’s the nature of our site, and we knew that when we signed up for this. However, The ADHD Photographer has been a different beast altogether.

With all of the characters and blogs that we’ve created, they’ve all gotten off the ground by one person and had a little bit of life before either dying off or finding a new person to take over because we thought it was good enough to continue. But with The ADHD Photographer, no matter how many people we’ve found to write the character/blog, somehow not one post has ever been written. NOT ONE!!! We’ve had a total of eight different people that were supposed to send in their first piece by the end of the week, and the end of the week never came. And they’ve all disappeared without a word.

At first, we shook our fist in the air, but then we realized that we have no idea what’s going on at the other end of our ill feelings. The point of this character was for people who don’t have ADHD to understand what it’s like to battle ADHD and have empathy for them, instead of cursing their names, so we stopped shaking our fists.

The premise of the blog was for The ADHD Photographer to tell stories of their lives in which they felt screwed up and to explain the internal struggle they were having. These stories may have been on important family, friends, relationship or work days, and we wanted the story told not to match the perfection of the picture that everyone wanted it to be. But it was all to be done with some pizzazz aka by a good storyteller that had a sense of humor about themselves. But alas, we never got to this point.

So we’re at a crossroads as to how we should continue as it’s become a running joke around our office. Should we just write our own version about the different people we try to hire and then imagine what must have happened to them before they disappear for good? Or do we keep on trying to find the right person for the job? Or do we combine both of those ideas together?

Maybe you’re reading this and battle ADHD, and you think you’re perfect for this????? If so, email us at and help us finally crack the code and create The ADHD Photographer for everyone to enjoy.

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Photo Credit: Bea Represa


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