Dust Bowl Blues

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The below sketch drawing is of the Dust Bowl. During the Great Depression, farmers unknowingly over worked their fields without the proper understanding of ecology and agriculture. They were chasing food prices that kept on going lower without realizing that the more they produced, the lower the prices would go. It created an economic and ecological disaster, leaving everyone broke.

Under these circumstances, it’s easy for people to understand how someone can fall into depression. However, it’s not necessary at all for someone to have circumstances like the above stated to be depressed and there are some traits that are tell tale signs that you or someone you know may be depressed.

One of the many traits of depression is OVERGENERALIZING. This form of negativity takes a single incident, and you generalize as a characteristic that has embodied your whole entire life. Things you might say to yourself in an Overgeneralized state would be ‘I seem to fail at a lot of things’ or ‘This always happens to me.’

If this sounds like you or anyone you or a loved one, we urge you to find help, and we hope you enjoy the sketch below.

The Great Depression | Dust Bowl Blues

The Great Depression | Dust Bowl Blues

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