Empty Bindle On Unknown Date

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During The Great Depression, many people chose to ride the railroads of the United States. If you were to look at pictures of the rail riders, they all seemed to have a stick and a bindle with them. All of their life possessions in one small little sack.

Is our brain that much different from a bindle? The only thing us humans truly own that no one can take from us are our thoughts, and those are housed in a little sack as well.

When depression sinks its teeth into you, many people start to feel empty. Your bindle has many things inside of it, voices telling you negative things, yet at the same time, your possessions inside begin to dwindle.

If this sounds like you or a loved one, then this comic is for you. Oh! And big hugs too.

My Bindle Is Empty

My Bindle Is Empty| Unknown Date

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