The Hypocrisy Of Penis Shaming

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At our office morning meeting, my employers asked for volunteers to write about the hypocrisy of penis shaming due to the recent attacks on President Trump and the size of his tiny penis, according to his former conquest, Stormy Daniels. I usually wouldn’t volunteer for such a thing but hypocrites are my biggest pet peeve, and I just want to put them in their place. So get ready for some controversy.

Penis shaming, in my mind, is reprehensible. Even though I have a giant monster down in my groin area, most men are 6 inches or less on average and have been judged by society based on their size and how it reflects on their manliness. It’s not fair, and quite frankly, I’ve had enough with all this shaming, especially from the so-called feminists out there who rail against men for judging them based on their looks. By the way, my super hot 25-year-old girlfriend is not a hypocrite and would love me no matter what size I was, even though I’m a brute force down below my belt.

Throughout history, the self-esteem of men has taken quite the hit based on the shame thrown their way that is due to something that is well beyond their control. It’s not like we can go to the doctor for a boob enhancement and fix our self-esteem if we save up enough or if you’re lucky to be dating someone rich, like me. My girlfriend now has a nice C cup by the way, and we’re both pretty happy about the results. 

And yes, I admit, women do make self-enhancements based on how society makes them feel, and yes, men have a lot to do with that. I freely admit it and take that responsibility. However, I think it’s about time that women take responsibility for shaming and judging men based on their penis size because it’s hypocritical and everyone hates a hypocrite. Stormy Daniels I’m talking to you. She had sex with a man, then extorted him for a six-figure payday, then shames him for his penis size. I don’t care what she does for a living, she could be the Pope for all I care, but to her and all the feminists that are backing her, I just want to say, you’re fucking hypocrites, and you disgust me. 

If this happened to me, which it wouldn’t because I’ve got a massive Anaconda that’s living near the equator, I’d feel so used and worthless after such a horrible experience. I’d feel such shame that I wouldn’t want to tell anyone that this happened. I’d most likely fall into a depression and do my best to make up for it in any way, like buy a Ferrari, just to boost my self-esteem. And just so you know, I own a Lexus because I don’t have Ferrari issues. Why can’t all feminists be like super babe, Ruth Bader Ginsburg of the Supreme Court, who would most likely agree with my argument because she doesn’t fight for women’s rights, she fights for gender equality. And penis shaming is one of the biggest hypocritical inequalities that currently exists for men, and if things are progressing for women in a with the #metoo movement, why not fix all gender problems at the same time if we can. 

* This is my opinion and is not representative of Massive Phobia’s beliefs, but it’s their own fault for letting me write this article.

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