The Irony Of Depression

Posted by Bobby Jenkins | Apr 18, 2018 | Bipolar Disorder, Bobby Jenkins: The Diary of a Bipolar Bear, Depression, Identity | 0 |

Dear Diary,

The irony of depression is that I have no energy, but I also can’t focus. Everyone thinks I’m mad at them and keeps demanding explanations. 

I feel like I’m the evil-twin version of myself. I’ve lost my manners, my sleeping pattern, my will to connect with people. Who the fuck am I? And why do I feel so rushed? Like I have to hurry up and get over this. Start talking and laughing again .. I feel so conflicted.

I feel forced to be courteous though. Like I owe people my regular, energetic self even when I’m sick with depression. I tried keeping to myself and it backfired. My whole family’s trying to connect now and I’ve been having terrible anxiety as a result. My mind is a notch away from fucking scrambled.

For 4 days now I’ve been in my housecoat. My roommates keep commenting on it like, “HA! You’re an absolute mess!” (*I don’t laugh back or respond*) “you’ve been holed up for 3 days! Get out of the house!” and the ever-famous most-heard question this episode “UM, are you ok?”. I must look as mentally sick as I feel. It makes me insecure AF.

Andy asked me point-blank yesterday if I have mental illness. I knew right away that I should have painted the bags under my eyes with some bleach. Or taken off the housecoat…. I still haven’t figured out how to protect myself from questions when I have no answers or desire to be polite and answer them.

Yes, I’m sad. No, there’s not a reason. Just chemicals and fucking up my meds- but I’m not comfortable sharing that. It sounds like I have no control. I resent that.

Anything that requires thought like texting, family events and phone calls makes me fucking cringe. I hate it. And I’m vexed that I can’t gain access to my usually psychotically-productive and social self. It fucking scares me.

I also lost my sense of humour. My roommate thought I didn’t like him because I stopped courtesy laughing days ago- but his enthusiastic stories and jokes just kept coming. When he opened my bedroom door to show me some Grindr dick pic- I blacked out. He was so shook when I screamed “Jesus Not Now- close the fucking DOOR”. I immediately felt the need to apologize, and I resented it, because I’m fucking sick of having to go through a mood disorder AND justify or explain it at the same time. 

My sister showed up at my door after I missed Easter dinner to tell me she was “worried” that I hadn’t been returning texts. I almost threw something at her fucking head. LEAVE ME ALONE DAMMIT UGHHH 

I don’t have the desire to speak, fuck, or even eat. EAT!! Now THAT’S mental illness for ya. I look so slim and grungy now. 

I just lay down and stare at the ceiling. I don’t even know what I’m thinking about- it’s like my thoughts are just a foggy ass Flipagram. No focus, nothing. I need this episode to go away- I’m so tired of being bitchy and exhausted. *cries

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