The Narcissist Combat Handbook

I’m Chad the Impaler and this section of the website is all mine. It’s super cool and you’ll learn tons from all the excerpts from my Zombie Combat Handbook. I’ll add as many as I can and as fast I can as I’ll probably be busy destroying narcissist culture so much that it will take me awhile. Here’s a little bio someone wrote about me and I swear it wasn’t me. It was someone who writes tons of books and is super respected in the literary community…….not me.

Chad the Impaler, is a super cool guy that was born into a coven of narcissists, but just like Harry Potter, he was the boy that lived. After 11 years of working at his local 7/11, Chad began to study the dark art of psychology (self taught, unlike those fools that pay tons for private universities) and soon blossomed into an expert of Narcissism and all related Narcissistic subjects i.e. Psychopaths and Instagram.

He is the world’s most renowned Narcissist Killer and the creator of the Narcissinstagram Theory. This theory pretty much explains how and why everyone in the world will become a narcissist if they haven’t been turned into one already and why we should all be really, really, really, really, really, really, scared.

He’s currently working on a Narcissist Combat Handbook which will most likely be a New York Times Best Seller with the help of his trusty sidekick Dr. Jonas Von (He’s super annoying).

On most days, he can be found working on his various hobbies, like breaking things for fun, building soap box derby cars, and threatening to smash people’s faces in that remind him of his father.