The Narcissist Don’ts List According To Chad The Impaler

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I’m Chad the Impaler and I’ve compiled this list of DON’TS when dealing with narcissists and narcissism in general. If you want to live, you’ll follow this list or suffer from a life of pain. TRUTH!

Do Not Use Reddit – It’s a contradiction with some of the most wonderful people in the world, and then some of the biggest troll like, basement dwelling narcissists you’ll ever lay your eyes on. Don’t get sucked into this vortex from hell. 

Do Not Use Tinder, Grindr, or Any Other Datings Apps – 85% of your potential dates on this service are superficial narcissists, the other 15% are losers who don’t have social skills. Avoid like it’s Ebola.

Do Not Use Social Media – A complete superficial time waster or narcissist opinion factory. Pick your poison. You should chose none.

Do Not Surf The Internet For More Than 30 Minutes A Day – Please use a timer and keep records. The internet is awesome but it’s a place that can trap your soul forever. 

Do Not Go To Any Of These News Websites ‘All Of Them’ – They’re all fake and trying to tell you what to think, based on their advertising needs. Fuck them!

Do Not Keep Contact With A Narcissist Once You’ve Ended The Relationship – The only time you should break this rule is if you’re using them to get intel on their kind, or to murder them.

Do Not Try And Use Reason On A Narcissist – It’s impossible because even when they’re wrong, they’ll try and save face and the frustration may induce suicidal thoughts of jumping off a bridge in frustration. 

Do Not Fall In Love With A Narcissist – If you do, you’ve pretty much signed your own death certificate. 

Do Not Try And Go From A-Z – We’re trying to learn patience when fighting these narcissist ghouls, so we need to learn how to go from A-B first. Let’s walk before we run, so we can destroy the narcissist culture straight into oblivion.

Do Not Stop Taking Your Medication – Some of us warriors take medications for a reason, so even if you’re feeling great from our training program, please keep taking your meds. We can’t afford to lose any of you truly awesome people. Plus, I shelled out a ton of cash for your training and I’d be super pissed. 

Do Not Choose Your Therapist Based On Their Proximity To Your Home – I made this mistake once and it was two years of wasted time/money. Do your research people.

Do Not Feel Awed By A Narcissist – They suck and their cheap parlour tricks are just that… illusion. Behind the curtains, these people are fucked, and like cats, they would eat you once you were already dead.

Do Not Have Children With A Narcissist – This isn’t fair to the kids! Those little babies will either become narcissists too, or they’ll be traumatized for life, and found rocking in the fetal position while some doctor tries to feed them Triscuits so they don’t die of malnutrition.

Do Not Have Compassion For A Narcissist – The made their bed and they can die in it to for all I care.

Don’t Over Share With A Narcissist – They’ll either use those secrets against you to destroy your self-esteem, or they’ll blackmail you with them so you do as they say. Either way, it’s best to keep your mouth shut if you don’t want to get fucked over.

Do Not Use Credit Cards – It will just get you into a whole lot of trouble, so please sign up for my program, and send some donations through my go fund me page or my patreon. 

Do Not Engage With A Narcissist On An Empty Stomach – It’s not pretty. You’ll get eaten alive. Pun Intended.

Do Not Go To Bed Past 11:30 P.M. – Nothing good can ever happen in the middle of the night, no matter what anyone says. Just get your rest and be up early for training.

Do Not Golf – It’s a narcissistic elitist sport which forces you into a dress code that’s more like a narcissist uniform than comfortable sporting gear.

Do Not Take Street Drugs – You’ll die. Find other coping mechanisms.

Do Not Stop Learning – If you think you know everything, that means you’re a narcissist, so keep on learning more about yourself and others. You’ll be a lot cooler.

Do Not Watch ‘2 Girls 1 Cup’ – It’s disgusting and you’ll get PTSD.

Do Not Vote – Politicians are all lying narcissists and need to be shat on.

Do Not Marry An Italian Person – They all have at least 39 first cousins and you’ll be forced to attend every one of those weddings and christenings, which sucks the big one, and then half of them will get divorced, meaning you just threw away all that gift money. It’s a double whammy of time + money = trying to please your spouse, who will never be pleased because all Italians are narcissists.

Do Not Live In The Past – Lets put our narcissistic abuse behind us, shall we? If not, you’ll only have a future of tears and regrets and more tears because you did jack shit besides think of the former narcissist while you watched Twilight. You were hoping to feel better by watching a romantic love story, but in reality, it’s really a story about this narcissist vampire dude who manipulates a human gal into loving him. He’s 100 years older than her (pedophile) who emotionally abuses her, never takes responsibility when things go wrong and then blames it all on her. He even knocks her up and lets her turn into a vampire against everyones better judgement too. TEAM BELLA!

Do Not Judge Yourself or Others – This will get you nowhere in life besides chasing your proverbial tail in an endless vicious cycle. You are you and the only amazing you that you are.

Do Not Underestimate The Power Of Narcissism – It’s stronger than the power of love, but without the cheesy stuff.

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