The Unauthorized Deathbed Letter Of David Arquette’s Wrestling Career

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Over the weekend, we were sent an Unauthorized Deathbed Letter Of David Arquette’s Wrestling Career from an anonymous email address, and we here at Massive Phobia didn’t know if we should ethically post this letter as we thought it was obtained by an illegal computer hack. We came to this conclusion because as far as we know, David Arquette’s Wrestling Career won’t officially die until July 15th when he’ll most certainly lose to the magnificent RJ CITY, at Championship Wrestling From Hollywood.

With that being said, when our board of directors and company lawyers sat down, the decision was made to run the short deathbed letter in its entirety, as we hope, like us, you’ll find that David Arquette’s Wrestling Career will not have died in vain if the seemingly inevitable happens. 

Now without further adieu, The Unauthorized Deathbed Letter Of David Arquette’s Wrestling Career.

I’ve prepared this letter in advance because on July 15th, at Championship Wrestling From Hollywood, it is most likely that i’ll lose my match and possibly my life at the hands of RJ City (The Greatest Wrestler of All Time).

Do I want to die? Of course not, but part of me feels like I’ve been forced into this situation due to the pressure and shame that I’ve been living under ever since I won the WCW Heavyweight Championship back in the year 2000. Don’t get me wrong, the other part of me loves wrestling, but the amount of disdain for my very existence since my championship run is something most human beings could not endure. Even when I was in Haiti, helping with their flood disaster relief programs, I met a couple of Haitian kids on what was once a street, and they’d told me that I was the worst WCW Champion of all time, that I ruined wrestling, and that I destroyed their childhoods.

I stared blankly from my canoe as those kids drown, just thinking to myself about “How many other childhoods did I destroy?” I mean, all I ever wanted to be was somebody’s hero, but in everyone else eyes, it seemed I was a giant zero.

After that, therapy became a staple in my life, and it took years to change my belief system. I challenged myself with the big questions ‘Why do I need the approval of others?’ and ‘Why do I worry about what others think about me?’

And as it turns out, I’ve discovered that many of my beliefs were built in my childhood out of  a necessity to survive in such a talented, yet cut-throat family. I created the persona of being a people pleaser as to not get bullied by my siblings when helping them run lines for auditions, and I have since, through hard work, realized that trying to please everyone is impossible and a detriment to my own well being too. Also, the phrase ‘You Can’t Please Everyone’ was really meant for your friends and family, which is around 30 people usually, and in my case, I was trying to please every wrestling fan in existence, and that’s like over 4 million people. I mean, what was I thinking?  So yes, therapy works, and it got me back on track.

In fact, therapy has worked so well that it actually made me want to wrestle again. And it’s not because I wanted to redeem my name or something like that, it’s because I LOVE WRESTLING. Yes, I LOVE WRESTLING, and I don’t care if I get obliterated at the hands of the magnificent RJ CITY, on July 15th, at Championship Wrestling From Hollywood, because I most likely will.

And when that happens, I just wanted all of the wrestling fans out there to know, that I was brave enough to stand toe to toe with the living legend, RJ CITY and that I did so on my terms, not yours. And if you learn anything from this letter, which means I either did die, or someone hacked my computer before the match and released it, know that my dying wish is for everyone to live life on their own terms too. Your life is your own, not your dads, or your moms, or your Instagram followers’,  or some guy you call your husband who thinks women are possessions. Your life is yours, so live it for you, and don’t let anyone else’s opinion stand in your way.

– David Arquette’s Wrestling Career

David Arquette VS. RJ City will take place on Sunday, July 15th, 2018 at the Oceanview Pavilion in Port Hueneme, CA. The matches begin at 3PM and admission is free. For more information please visit or call 805-986-4818. 

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