The Unauthorized Deathbed Letter Of Keyser Soze

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Last week, a firefighter friend of mine was battling a five-alarm blaze outside of Los Angeles. His bosses jumped the gun when they determined that the building in question was deliberately set on fire in what seemed like an arms deal gone bad. However, when they entered the building’s panic room, they found a male corpse, holding a note, that died from smoke inhalation. My friend read the note before others entered the room, and he quickly realized that the dead man before him, was none other than the devil himself, Keyser Soze. He quickly wrote down the contents of the deathbed letter, just in case of a cover-up and sent it to me because he knew it would be of great interest to myself and to you readers.

The deathbed letter of Keyer Soze is about sacrifice and what it takes to make it in this world if you want to be successful. It reminds me of the quote by the guitarist, Jimmy Hendrix, “The time I burned my guitar. It was like a sacrifice. You sacrifice the thing you love. I love my guitar.” So now without further adieu, here’s the Unauthorized Deathbed Letter of Keyser Soze.

They say the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was making you think he didn’t exist. These were not just the words I lived by, but what I’m dying for as well. In the courtroom of public opinion, my death will be cheered, based on the perception that I’m a ruthless psychopath that cares for no one but myself, not even my family. Yes, it’s true. I did kill my family to show my enemies how they could not hurt me when given the choice of my money or my blood. And if given the option again, I wouldn’t change a thing. This doesn’t make me a bad person, contrary to what my critics think. In life, you have to make choices if you want to be successful, and sometimes those choices involve life and death. In all likelihood, on the day my legend was born, if I gave those kidnapping gangsters my business as they demanded, they would have killed my family regardless of my compromise. I wasn’t going to let all my previous sacrifices to get to that point of life die in vain, and I had a choice to make, and that choice was to keep sacrificing to achieve my dreams because if you’re not willing to make those sacrifices to reach the top, then you might as well stop climbing. And if you stop climbing, then in my mind, you might as well lay down and die on the mountain. However, I made it to the peak, and when I got there, I talked to my family as if they were right there with me, and they couldn’t have been more proud about what we accomplished.

– Keyser Soze

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