The Unauthorized Deathbed Letter Of Sheriff Woody

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I got an interesting phone call the other day from a firefighter named Roxanne. He said, because of his abnormally large nose, that he could smell fires from far away which is why he was so good at his job. I’m not sure why he was giving me such a backstory, as he then explained that he was stuffed up due to seasonal allergies last week, and unfortunately ended up getting his crew to a five-alarm fire a few minutes too late. Although the house didn’t completely burn down, there was such extensive damage, that it would have been too dangerous to put a band-aid on the homes deep wounds. At first, Roxanne didn’t think that anyone perished in the blaze, but during his post-fire inspection, he soon discovered that he was wrong and was overcome by guilt. As Roxanne combed through the destruction, he came across an Alexa Amazon device with a note attached to it, that somehow made it through the fire fully intact. Roxanne said the note was written in blue crayon and said ‘Ask Alexa About Woody’s Last Words,’ so he asked Alexa about Woody’s last words, and that’s when Roxanne realized that this was the dictated deathbed letter of Toy Story’s, Sheriff Woody. And before he gave Alexa to the owners of the home, Roxanne transcribed the audio to send to me, in hopes that I would share the profound note about making your mark on the world and the struggle many people have with how they’ll be remembered when they’re gone.

So before I leave the deathbed letter for you all to read below, I just want to thank Roxanne and to let him know that none of the recent tragedy was his fault. You’re a fantastic firefighter, and the world is a better place because of you.

What is real? I mean, if you have a soul, when are you really born and when do you really die? So again I ask, what is real? Is the sky real? Are the threads on my trusty vest real? Is this letter I dictated to Alexa real? And how about Alexa? Like Buzz Lightyear, will she realize one day that she’s just a piece of software? And when that happens, will she then be real?

I have a lifetime of memories. Memories of my friends, of love and heartbreak, of inside jokes, of riding bullseye all night just for the joy of riding, of cozying up next to Andy in the treehouse on a starry night with Jessie by my side. Are my memories not real? What if others remember the exact same thing, are shared memories not real? Isn’t that proof that I exist? That someone else remembers me? Won’t the reality of me live on through others? Captured in their memory banks like digital film?

But what do I know, I’m but just a toy.

– Sheriff Woody

P.S. If they make more Toy Story movies, they’re obviously using a double.  

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