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It’s the day after America’s most religious day of the year……The Super Bowl. All the glitz, new commercials and Lady Gaga……oh yeah, and some football. After being down 28-3, the New England Patriots stormed backed against the Atlanta Falcons and won 34-28 in overtime. It was a heck of a game that fell through the hands of the Atlanta Falcons and they only have themselves to blame.

Do any of you readers have that little devil on your shoulder that tells you how much you suck or doubts every decision that you make? Today, we’re most positive that the Atlanta Falcons are questioning some of their moves from last night. Especially when they were in field goal range to put the game out of reach for good. Instead of being safe and running the ball three times, then kicking a relatively short field goal. They attempted to pass, got sacked and lost 10 yards. Then on the next play they went back to pass again and took a 10 yard penalty. They ended up having to punt, but the damage was already done. It kept New England in the game and they seized on the opportunity.

In our opinion, to get over this blunder from yesterday, they’ll need to own up. And this goes for all of you too. Get comfortable with failure. Practice a growth mindset by teaching your brain that failure is simply part of the learning process and nothing to feel ashamed or embarrassed about.  We’re all failing some of the time, the only question is whether we’re growing from these mistakes or busy sweeping them under the rug or blaming others. Own your failures. Talk about what you’ve learned from the experience.  Think about what you’ll do differently next time.

Hopefully over the next coming days the Atlanta Falcons learn something from this or they’ll continue to be tortured by it for the foreseeable future. And this is why the Atlanta Falcons are The Unbalanced Being of the Day.

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