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Today is National Mental Health Awareness day in Canada. It’s also been Mental Health Awareness month too. Bell Media has been promoting it all over your digital devices and TV screens. They are a huge backer of this public service slash marketing event. However, they’ve hit a bit of a snag.

It seems one of their radio employees, out of Grand Falls, was fired on January 12th for her mental health issues. Uh oh! It seems that Bell Media is drinking out of both sides of the cup here.

Maria McLean was an afternoon radio host at K93 FM in Grand Falls until she was fired on Jan. 12, just one hour after sharing her struggles with mental illness with her colleagues and giving her supervisor a doctor’s note stating that she needed two weeks off work to adjust to her new medication.

The former afternoon radio host and ad writer said she was caught off-guard because she thought things were going well at work. McLean said her supervisor, Kirk Davidson, suggested she take over hosting the morning show the summer of 2017. “That was the day before I was fired.” McLean said she was never reprimanded or notified that she was not living up to her professional obligations.

We’re going to speculate and say that the Supervisor does not represent the Company as a whole. However, the timing is just poor to say the least. Right now, the upper brass at Bell Media is doing damage control as they look like giant hypocrites, but this incident may be a silver lining and provide them with an opportunity to create a new playbook on how everyone in their company handles mental health employee issues. Is all press, good press?

Ummmmmmmmmmm……..Not in this case. And that’s why Bell Media is The Unbalanced Being of the Day.

Nice going, folks.


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