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I’m feeling crazy right now! Crazy! Have you ever felt that you were wronged by someone but they’re trying to make you feel that you have no right to be mad? Anyone? Well, that’s happening to me right now.

I’m going back and forth with myself, wondering now if my reasoning is sound? I’ve asked others for advice and they seem to think that the offender is being dismissive of my feelings. Yet…..I still feel like I’m now the bad guy. ARGHHHHHHHHH!! How did this happen?

I could leave my texts for you to read, but the context would need an explanation and that’s a novella. So right now, I’m just an angry mess and that’s why I’m the Unbalanced Being of the Day.


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Edward Ernest is pretty much the coolest guy that ever lived.......according to himself. He's one of the founders of and has zero respect from any of his colleagues.To the outside world, he's this very nice upstanding citizen, but behind closed doors he's one of the meanest people we know.Yes, he writes nice articles and gives good advice. It might even seem like he cares about you and wants to be your friend. But please, don't be fooled.We've seen him kick a dog a with a broken leg before and have heard him on the phone berating his grandmother for only giving him a $5 birthday gift.Be thankful he's not related to you.

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