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Tonight I had a work date with my friend Erica McMaster and while I was writing The Unbalanced Being of the Day column, I realized that after listening to her complain about her last few weeks that Erica herself deserved to be today’s being. Why? Because sometimes people need to vent and sometimes I’m hear to listen. The circumstances presented themselves like peanut butter and jelly. 

You see, Erica and her boyfriend see one of her step kids every other weekend but not anymore. It seems the biological mother of said boy, thought he needed to start living with his father full time. This brought about quite the change for everybody involved. For Erica, who never wanted to be a mother herself, the presence of a brooding teenager that never left their home has started to get on her nerves.

She was raised as doer. She was always busy. She cooked for her family when she was quite young. She’s always been active playing sports. She always took responsibility on her shoulders and marched forward with pride…..Now she’s dealing with a kid that doesn’t have any of those qualities and doesn’t take responsibility for anything. Being a stepmom is now a full time reality and it hasn’t been easy for her……………….And we understand why. Side Note: She’s not an evil step mom. She’s the nicest person ever.

Everything she is seeing is so foreign to her. It’s hard for her to understand why he is the way he is, as she had a completely different experience growing up. The little things began to grate on her nerves. His presence began to have an effect on her. She began making excuses to stay out more. She didn’t like not being listened too. Being a stepmom it turns out, is actually hard work. So what has she done to help herself out? She’s stopped thinking that this boy is her responsibility. She’s switched her point of view. It’s now her boyfriends responsibility to deal with his behaviour issues etc. So far the change in this point of view has been helpful…….but is it just a quick fix?

Only time will tell.

And that’s why Erica McMaster is The Unbalanced Being of the Day.


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